Black Is The New Rice.

29 Mar
Black rice as sold in Haikou, Hainan, China

Black Rice Being Sold In China.

Everyone’s diet should be full of rich, healthy whole grains and if your diet is not rich in whole grains, then it is time to make that change. Brown rice tends to be an old faithful in most diets of the vegetarians I am lucky enough to know. It is easily prepared, healthy and versatile, rice can go with almost anything. The newest stand out on the rice block is now black. I am all about this even just from a superficial point of view, I adore the color black so for me the more black, anywhere, the merrier 😉

Black rice is an ancient grain from Asia that was treasured and protected for many years. This grain has more Vitamin E antioxidants and fiber then blueberries and has been said to help prevent cancer, Alzheimers, heart disease and heart attacks as well as diabetes. High in amino acids and iron, black rice has only 160 calories per serving and is gluten free. It can be substituted for your basic rice or any other grain in your recipes, Whole Foods carries is as well as do most Asian Supermarkets and some health food stores. Black rice is a cheap way to get a whole bunch of antioxidants in 1 serving.

Go Back To Black.


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