Restaruant Review: Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant.

27 Mar
Guess where we ate.

Sunflower Is Literally Right Next Door To McDonalds. Ironic Or What?

Sunflower Vegetarian has 2 locations in Northern Virginia, one in Vienna and one in Falls Church. Vienna was the one we went to and we loved it. Apparently everyone does, they have won the ‘Best Of D.C.’ awards 3 years in a row so far. Situated in a ‘home like’ setting, Sunflower was quite, cozy and easy to find. When we arrived there was only 2 other people in there but by the time we left the place was jumpin.

As usual the fried ‘chicken’ appetizer was on the agenda, it was pretty good a mixture of soy and mushrooms in a batter and fried. Not the best I have had, not the worst. What was amazing was the hot sauce you get to dip them in, amazing, just like hot wing  sauce. We also decided to try the coconut ‘shrimp’ appetizer, this was my first time trying a mock fish. I never really minded the texture of shrimp so I figured why not. I was pretty surprised at how close the texture was, the shrimp taste was not as strong as real shrimp which was awesome. The coconut breading was killer, so good. Apparently this is a popular appetizer since I heard 3 other tables order it while we were there. A must try if you are every in the Northern Virginia/D.C./Maryland area.

I decided to try the vegan veggie burger, there was a vegetarian option but I opted for the vegan one. We also tried the salad with veggie burger on it, that was huge and thoroughly enjoyed but my vegan veggie burger was better. The vegan veggie  burger at Sunflower is HANDS DOWN the best veggie burger I have ever had. EVER. I don’t know what it was, the actual burger which was delicious and grilled or this ridiculous sauce they slathered it in. Either way, it was the bomb and I have never had one like that before. I actually usually never get veggie burgers because I am really picky about them (surprise, surprise) and don’t like going out to eat only to be let down. I am glad I went with the vegan veggie burger here and if you are ever in the area do your taste buds a favor and get one. Sloppy but worth every shirt stain. I was looking at McDonalds next door and thinking, ‘Those people do not know what they are missing right now’ 😉

Overall Sunflower rocks, great food, great service. Can’t wait to go back. Sunflower Vegetarian  Restaurant Homepage.

Sunflower Vegetarian on Urbanspoon


This Is The Vegan Fried Chicken Appetizer With The Bangin Hot Sauce.


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