Hot Vegan Bags By Olivia And Joy.

3 Mar

The Aliby Hobo Is My Favorite Olivia And Joy Bag From This Season.

Olivia and Joy is a newer company that makes some pretty cute and sexy vegan bags. I have seen tons of their bags at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls as well as Macys. None of their bags are made from real leather or suede and none of their bags cost over $100. I saw this awesome, huge purse/carry on/travel bag today at T.J. Maxx by Olivia and Joy and I could not believe it was only $90. The detailing and stitching was perfect and the quality of the ‘leather’ was great. I totally would have bought it, except I just bought the ‘Pharaoh’ bag by Matt and Nat last month. So needless to say I do not need another bag of that size at this point in time 😦

All of Olivia and Joy’s bags are spot on with the current trends and they manage to combine sexy and edgy into most of their designs simultaneously. From black ‘leather’ and chains to pretty preppy pastels, there is a little something for everyone. From clutches to hobos to mini bags, Olivia and Joy have your vegan purses covered.

Joy Is A Vegan Handbag. Homepage.

This Is The 'In The Mix' Hobo By Olivia And Joy.


2 Responses to “Hot Vegan Bags By Olivia And Joy.”

  1. Caitlin October 22, 2011 at 11:28 am #

    I just came across their line at Macy’s and was wondering. Thanks! The Ramble On and the Roller Durby are both too cute!

    • Author October 22, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

      No Problem 😉 That’s so rad you came across them at Macy’s, they make some really well crafted bags that are also unique. Now you can get once since you know no animals were harmed to make them. Thank you for caring and showing compassion, you rock.

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