When In Taiwan…

28 Feb

As Parents You Need To STOP Obesity In Your Children Before It Starts Or Else Your Children Will Have A Long, Sick Life Ahead Of Them.

We all know the cancer and obesity rates in the Far East are  WAY lower than the rates here in the U.S. Most will credit this to the fact that they do not eat as much meat as we do. And apparently they intend to keep their children cancer and obesity free because over 66% of elementary, middle and high schools in Taiwan provide DAILY vegetarian school lunch options according to their Ministry of Education. 2,328 schools offer vegetarian options out of 3,500 schools. About 700 schools offer vegetarian meals once every other week or once a month. Since February 2010 there has been a drastic increase in the number of schools offering vegetarian dishes.

Obesity is new to Taiwan and has only been occurring since 1980 and only really occurs in their younger population. They see this as a problem so they are trying to get kids back eating like their parents used to. In fact child obesity in Taiwan skyrocketed from 6% to 25% in only 10 years. This has been directly linked to the Americanization of Taiwan’s children. What a shame, those parents should know that Americans eating patterns and lifestyle are not to be emulated. The country of Taiwan also knows that meat-eating is one of the biggest contributes to global warming and that plant-based foods are healthier than their meat counterparts.

Now I have to ask, why are veganism and vegetarianism shunned in the fattest, sickest country in the world? With all the research TELLING us that a plant-based lifestyle is the only truly healthy lifestyle don’t you think America should start to listen? 33% of American children are OBESE, not fat, OBESE. That is not a problem, that’s a friggin EPIDEMIC.

What’s The Beef With Eating Green America? Our diet is not only killing us, it’s killing people all around the world now!!!



Taiwan Mcdonald's 台湾マクドナルド

Nothing Like Global Americanization In The WORST Ways. Ugh.


2 Responses to “When In Taiwan…”

  1. Joshua March 3, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    I work in a school with a nice vegetarian option, but more importantly, the the options with meat aren’t crappy American foods.

    Compare that to my experience teaching in the US – kids would go to a pizza line or just buy 100% candy/junk food. The biggest problem with that was the money the school made – unfortunately when it comes to health, it’s a tough situation to fix because it ties into our school FUNDING as well.

    • Author March 4, 2011 at 7:20 am #

      That is very true and it is very sad that childrens health is overlooked by pure greed. I see the same thing everyday in my town, kids eating french fries, candy and soda for lunch. It makes me cringe. Thanks for stopping by:)

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