Animal, Earth And Wallet Friendly.

26 Feb

This past Christmas my boyfriend was gifted a bottle of White Rain 3-in-1, shampoo/body wash and conditioner mix. After being totally caught off guard by seeing ‘White Rain’ brand (old school much?), I immediately turned it over to see what we were working with ingredients wise. Nice ingredients with no parabens. To my surprise I also see, ‘Not Tested On Animals’ written on the bottom πŸ™‚

As everyone knows, White Rain has been around FOREVER, 56 years to be exact . They claim they have NEVER tested on animals and NEVER use any animal ingredients, thus making White Rain a safe choice for vegetarians and vegans. All of their formulas start with purified water which is free from bacteria and chemicals and goes through a vigorous purification process. That is nice to know since the base of almost every body product is water. White Rain makes shampoo, conditioner, hair sprays, gels and body washes.

On top of being animal friendly, they are also Earth and community friendly. The provide jobs and job training, through employment agencies and rehabilitation therapies, for people who have disabilities or who are coming from broken home environments. As a company they say they like to help others rebuild their lives πŸ™‚ They also are a ‘No Waste’ company. They do very stringent forecasting projections so they are never left with much wasted product. Sometimes things are rejected or scrapped. What is left over is then sold to companies who can recycle the plastic and cardboard goods directly into new products.

Animal, People And Planet Friendly. At A Nice Price. White Rain Homepage.


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