Four Paws Biodegradable Doggie Doo Bags.

24 Feb

Four Paws Biodegradable Doggie Doo Bags.

Dogs are a total drain and strain on our planet. Between the meat in their foods to the plastic bags we use to pick up after them, all of it is just so bad for the planet. When I discovered Natural Balance Vegan Dog food, half of my problems were solved. The next step was to 8-6 these damn plastic bags. So I tried recycled paper towels but it was kind of a fail since I have 3 dogs, there was no way I could clean up after all of them with paper towels without tossing down their leashes and having them dart into the street. I needed a bag but could just not stomach tossing 1-3 plastic bags a day, no matter how small.

So I sent my boyfriend on a mission to get Natural Balance Vegan Dog Food and told him to look for biodegradable poo bags. He came back with a HUGE bag of food and a nice box of ‘Four Paws Biodegradable Doggie Doo Bags’. Works for me. These bags are blue in color and are a pretty good size, I can clean up after all 3 of my dogs with 1 bag. They smell like baby powder which is a nice deterrent from the smell of dog poop and they also have handles so you can tie the bag shut.Since these bags are biodegradable I do not feel so bad about having dogs, one less destructive thing to worry about. From what I see they come in boxes of 25 and 6o and are available all over the internet and at select pet supply stores.

Don’t Violate, Biodegrade. Four Paws Website.

Four Paws Pet Products.


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