10 Olympic Medals And 0 Meat.

21 Feb
Carl Lewis in midair during a long jump for tr...

Carl Lewis In His College Days.

I have always, always, always admired Carl Lewis. I grew up loving sports and watching the Olympics and to me Carl Lewis was simply the man, he was always winning and always grinning. In a career spanning almost 20 years Mr. Lewis won 10 Olympic medals, 9 of them gold. His best years of performance were when he was 30 years old right after he decided to go vegan in 1990. In 1991 Carl Lewis was ABC’s World Wide World Of Sports Athlete of The Year. He was also named the ‘Olympia Of The Century.’ Some argue that Lewis is/was ‘one of the greatest athletes to ever step foot on track or field.’ On top of those accolades, Carl Lewis was also drafted into the NFL by the Cowboys and NBA by the Bulls in 1984, he never signed with either team.

Growing up in New Jersey, he was not always a vegetarian. Meat was a staple in their house since his father liked it even though his mother was very into fresh fruits and vegetables. While Carl was training for the World Championships he ate some Spanish sausage and a few days later he became a vegan. Never knowing how to control his weight, Carl had realized that his eating patterns and habits were the problem. Once he became a vegan, he said everything started to make sense. He started to eat more, filling up on better foods, he noticed he felt good and light and that his body felt tight. Since he was the ‘older’ guy on his team at the time, he managed to convince his fellow teammates to go vegan/vegetarian with him. Most of them did, and Carl says they all  loved it and felt better, many of them have kept up their vegan diets to this day.

Through out the years Carl has gone between vegan and vegetarian but has never gone back to eating meat. These days he says he likes the way he looks, he is having no problem keeping his weight in check and he looks darn good for 49 years old, if I say so myself. Lewis says he now enjoys eating more and loves the ‘indulgence’ that comes along with being vegan, enjoying the best foods that Mother Nature has provided us with. He has written a forward in a vegan cookbook and he now does acting in his spare time, all while keeping it clean and green 🙂

Carl Lewis during the Save the World Awards 20...

Carl Lewis At The Save The World Awards In 2009.


This Is The Forward He Wrote For A Vegan Cookbook.

http://www.all-creatures.org/articles/act-veg-vid-carlewis.html A Video Interview With Carl About His Lifestyle.


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