Eco Runners.

19 Feb

Brooks Green Silence Eco Friendly Running Shoes.

The Brooks Green Silence running shoe is the first eco friendly trainer!!!! These sneaks are made from 75% recycled materials, they have the worlds first ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes, in insoles and all the foams on the shoes are biodegradable, all the laces and webbing are 100% recycled materials,water based adhesives are used through out the shoe, all dyes are non toxic and the packaging they come in is 100% recycled. Since Brooks uses half as many parts to make these shoes in comparison to regular runners, they also use less petroleum and energy to make. Brooks assures you, the runner, that these shoes are just as high quality as their other runners.

In 2006 Runners World awarded Brooks the ‘Best Innovation’ award for their commitment to making an eco friendly development projects and now we have the final product. Since Brooks is more concerned with the planet and keeping it whole and clean, they have vowed to share their secret formulas and technology to all other footwear brands, so they too can start to make a more environmentally friendly sneaker 😉

Read More Here….,default,pg.html Eco Runners.

These Are The Mens Version Of The Green Silence Eco Friendly Running Sneakers By Brooks.


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