Read This: The Soy Gourmet.

18 Feb

The Soy Gourmet. Improve Your Health The Natural Way.

The Soy Gourmet is a great book/cook book by Robin Robertson. Her focus is on soy and its benefits, she shows us how soy can reduce your cholesterol, help to alleviate symptoms of menopause and lower your risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis. On top of this information she packs in 75 easy to make soy based recipes, with the nutrition facts included for each recipe. Along with tofu, she also teaches you how to cook tempeh which can be a hard thing to make taste good. Her recipes are easy to follow and nutritious, she covers everything from breakfast to dessert in the Soy Gourmet.

Every recipe in the Soy Gourmet is vegetarian, most of them are actually vegan. Robin teaches you how to use tofu for breakfast in a tofu scramble and in bananas foster french toast. For lunch she teaches you how to make a delicious creamy vegetable soup or a ‘No Eggs’ salad. And for dinner she offers up recipes for tasty casseroles and quiches. The desserts are amazing too, from peaches and ‘cream’ pie to blueberry cheesecake, there is most defiantly something for everyone. This book helps show you how versatile soy truly is and how easy it is to make healthy recipes chock full of soy protein.

This is a great book for people who are just converting to a vegan or vegetarian diet and are looking to introduce soy into their world. Everything is laid out simply and factually. The Soy Gourmet is a great book. You Can Order It Off Amazon. This Is Robins Website With All The Other Books She Has Written.

Chocolate mousse with strawberries prepared us...

Chocolate Mousse Made With Silken Tofu And Soy Milk.


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