Michael Vick Makes Me SICK.

16 Feb
Boycott the NFL football team, the Philadelphi...


I honestly NEVER wanted to post about Michael Vick but this is just appalling. We ALL know what that LOSER did, we all also know this miscreant is a CONVICTED FELON who is still currently on PROBATION. As if it was not bad enough that the trashy Philadelphia Eagles pay him MILLIONS to play football, the mayor of DALLAS, Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway felt it was a good idea to give that pathetic excuse for a man a key to the city of Dallas.


I have no time for the ‘He paid his debt to society’ nonsense, that is complete gibberish and I do not stand for it for one second. Michael Vick did nothing of the sort, he went to a cushy fed pen, where he got to work out and be top dog. As soon as he was released he was making MILLIONS again. That is NOT paying your debt to society. That is simply  going away for a vacation while the public forgets how insane and pathetic you truly are. Not to mention this spineless individual is a FATHER, he has CHILDREN. He claims to feel bad for his kids since they cannot have a pet since he is banned from owning dogs. Nice try, Mike. You are incapable of feeling bad, you are a sociopath who preyed on innocent and helpless animals for a quick buck and a cheap thrill, now we are supposed to think you have feelings? RRIIIGGGHHHTTTT.

So after all the killing and hurt he caused, Michael Vick is once again on top of the world. How our society allows this is beyond me. It is disheartening and disgusting. This man now has a key to the city of Dallas. What a great role model. Glad the mayor of Dallas feels that this guy is someone admirable, someone likeable and someone who should have the key to their city. How about all those Social Workers who bust their butts to keep children and families together and safe? How about those people who work for the ASPCA? How about the teachers in Dallas? Do they not deserve the key to the city where they live and help make things better? Vick is not even from Dallas, he is from VIRGINIA. Last I heard his hometown was not giving him any keys to anything. And if you really want to hand out keys, take a look at the soldiers and the families of the soldiers who are fighting and dying for our country in this never ending war. Those people DESERVE recognition, thanks and signs of gratitude. Give them the keys to your city. Not Michael Vick.

Let me ask. How many other CONVICTED FELONS ON PROBATION make millions and get rewarded with keys to cities? Do you think for one second, if the roles were reversed, us mortals would ever see a semblance of normalcy again? NEVER. Our lives would be RUINED if we did what Vick did. All he got was some time off and a bunch of rewards once he returned.

I am starting to think our society is truly DERANGED. And Mayor Caraway you are the perfect example of EVERYTHING that is WRONG with it.

End. Of. Rant.


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