Don’t Slack On D.

16 Feb

Vitamin D. We all need it, yet most of us are lacking in it. If you don’t think this matters, think again. Vitamin D plays a role in everything from helping to increase your muscle strength to helping ward off cancer. Good vegan/vegetarian sources of Vitamin D are soy milk, tofu, yogurt and mushrooms.

A collection of dried mushrooms.

Mushrooms Are A Great Source Of Vitamin D.

Six Reasons To Step Up Your D.

1- Vitamin D Helps Make You Stronger.

Once ingested Vitamin D actually turns into a steroid hormone known as 1,25-dihydroxyvitaminD. This hormone helps increase muscle strength by encouraging muscle contractions and protein synthesis.

2- Vitamin D Boosts Your Immune System.

Not only does Vitamin D play a key role in our immune function, it also helps us fend off autoimmune diseases and illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis. Vitamin D helps keep the harmful T-helper 1 cells low, these cells attack our immune systems.

3- Vitamin D Boots Your Mood.

In studies, symptoms of both Depression and Seasonal Mood disorder showed a reduction when the subject increased their Vitamin D intake. Even if you do not suffer from depression, Vitamin D may also boost your mood.

4- Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Heart Disease.

Vitamin D is known to help regulate blood pressure. Having low Vitamin D levels puts you at a higher risk for heart problems. You are twice as likely to develop heart disease if you are low in Vitamin D.

5- Vitamin D Can Help Prevent Cancer.

Cancer is a mutation of a cell and Vitamin D helps regulate cell growth. If  a cell becomes abnormal, the Vitamin D will try to make it normal or block off its blood supply. A lack of Vitamin D will cause the body to slack on getting that cell help therefore allowing the cancer to grow.

6- Vitamin D Is Good For Your Bones.

Recent studies show that Vitamin D is the number one thing your bones need to be strong. Vitamin D defends against Osteoporosis and helps us absorb Calcium, in turn making our bones stronger.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D.


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