Giovanni, Eco Chic Hair Care.

13 Feb

Giovanni Products Are Never Tested On Animals And Contain No Animal Ingredients.

I had been eying Giovanni everywhere I saw it, from Harmon and Target to Vitamin Shoppe and T.J. Maxx. My apprehension in buying it lied in the fact that I had tried some ‘All Natural Organic Shampoo’ last year and it did nothing good for my hair. It actually left my hair feeling like straw. Once you feel the effects of bad shampoo, it is not something you rush right back into buying. So I stuck with my regular routine until my last trip to Harmon. The timing was right since I was running low on  shampoo and conditioner, I knew Harmon had Giovanni brand so I went for it. The bottles are on the smaller and pricier side, which is not good for someone with as much hair as I have. I do not wash my hair everyday but when I do, I have to wash it at least twice. I tend to go through conditioner like whoa since I condition even on days that I do not wash my hair. And since I fail to cut my hair as often as I should, I have more dry ends then legally allowed. Maybe in my head I think extra conditioner will make them better? I don’t know. All I do know is my hair is a HOT MESS 😦

At first smell I notice that the shampoo smells really nice, like orange or something comparable. Light and citrusy. This makes sense considering the fact that there is orange oil in the shampoo. The texture of the shampoo is pretty thick and not watery at all. I used my standard amount and shampooed twice. The lather was great and my hair smelled great and felt really clean, not dry. Next step was the conditioner. It was not as thick as I (and my fried ends) were hoping but it was not runny either. The conditioner also smelled nice and light and citrus like. I used my normal amount of conditioner, twice as much as the average person does and I seemed to be having a hard time getting the knots from my hair. This worried me since I was thinking that combing this was going to be a project. So I rinsed it out with cold water and crossed my fingers. To my surprise my hair was very easy to comb through and very manageable. While my hair was still wet I wrapped it into a low bun so it could air dry without causing me to freeze to death.

After a few hours I took my bun out totally forgetting that I had used a different shampoo. The only reason I remembered was because when I looked in the mirror,  I noticed right away how friggin shiny my hair was. That caught me off guard because lately I had been thinking that my hair was looking rather dull. Not after this shampoo. I do not know what this stuff did to my mop, but I am SO happy. My hair is so soft, so smooth, so manageable and it still smells great. ‘Smooth As Silk’ is exactly how I would describe it, this also happens to be the name of the shampoo and conditioner that I used by Giovanni. This is officially my favorite shampoo EVER 🙂

Never tested on animals and never made with any animal ingredients, Giovanni strives to bring natural, organic hair care to the masses. Their products are free of sulfates and they use organic ingredients whenever possible. The one I tried was packed with natural oils like aloe, orange and lemongrass. Since they practice what they preach,  Giovanni is also a member of The Leaping Bunny program.

Eco Chic Is Right.

LeapingBunny.Org. All Cruelty Free.


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