Cri De Coeur.

7 Feb

Cri De Coeur, which means ‘cry from the heart’ in french, is an unique, upscale vegan shoe line. They also have a more affordable shoe line called ‘Hearts Of Darkness’. These shoe lines are run by two eco-chic, business savvy, Parson’s educated chicks named Gina and Julie. As a company they want to change the face of fashion from top to bottom, ethically produced goods from beginning to end, with no animals harmed in the process. Cri, understands that, we as the consumer and them, as they manufacturer both have a huge responsibility to our planet and everything that lives on it.

Knowing that adopting a vegan lifestyle is the quickest way to reverse all the horrible things we have done to this planet drives Cri De Coeur’s passion for the vegan lifestyle. Pollution, deforestation, global warming, and resource depletion, are all major issues that we are facing here on this planet. Most of these issues are driven by factoring farming for meat and leather. By going vegan, you can help ease all of these issues before it is too late.

Cri De Coeur makes it easier to go green with such cool looking boots, shoes and bags. Their products are available on line and also at select boutiques all over the world, from New York to Australia.


The Dillon.


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