Alpha Lipoic Acid. An Antioxident For The Masses.

4 Feb
Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Out of no where Alpha Lipoic Acid was suddenly everywhere in my life. I found it in my daily face cream, in my supplements and in every health and fitness magazine I had been reading. I figured all of these sources must be on to something, so I decided to see what is really good with this super antioxidant. ALA, which is produced by the body, converts our blood sugar into energy. It also helps to protect our cells from aging, and combats potentially harmful chemicals, called ‘Free Radicals’, that can cause heart and liver disease and also cancer.

Since ALA is naturally occurring, you can find it in some foods such as spinach, brewers yeast, potatoes, peas and broccoli. Only small amounts can be found in these foods, so taking a supplement is a good idea. I have been taking an Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement for about 6 months now. I started taking it to help boost my collagen production,so  in turn it would keep my skin supple and wrinkle free. I also wanted to see if it would work on my knee that I had reconstructed back in ’98, since ALA does have strong anti inflammatory properties, which can help combat degenerative diseases like arthritis. Which people like myself, are prone too. Since I have started taking ALA, I have noticed that my skin is very supple and that my knee does not hurt me as often as it did when I was taking other alternatives. This is good to know because most joint supplements are shell-fish derived which is not a good thing for vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies.

In recent studies ALA has also been found to help people who have gone through chemotherapy, people who suffer from alcoholism, people with shingles, Lyme disease, kidney failure and other diseases and issues that cause the cells in your body to be under attack. ALA enters the nerve cells and helps protect them from damage. Lately diabetics have been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid since it improves blood sugar control naturally, if you are a diabetic talk to your doctor before you do this to be sure it will not interfere with your current medications. If you are just looking for an antioxidant boost you should be fine with taking 20-50mg a day, unless you are pregnant or breast-feeding, in that case do not take ALA.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a great supplement and I can personally say nothing but great things about it. I have had no negative side effects and I found vegetarian capsules easily at Vitamin Shoppe. When it comes to natural supplements the best thing to do is research them a bit and see which ones you think you may want to try. Somethings may work for others but not for you, it is simply trial and error. Good Luck!!! Body Building. Com University Of Maryland Medical Center.


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