I Never Said This Was Good For You But It Is GOOD.

3 Feb

Dangerous. This Stuff Is Like Heaven In A Pint.

When it comes to desserts these days I tend to reach for things that are vegan. Talenti Gelato is not one of those things. I don’t know if it is new at our grocer or what, but once I saw it I had to have it. The perks are it is vegetarian, gluten-free, made with hormone free milk and they always use fresh, top-notch ingredients. The downfalls are it is heavy in calories and fat, this is not an everyday dessert if you care about your figure 😉

The first flavor I saw was ‘Belgium Milk Chocolate’ and almost went with that until I saw the ‘Double Dark Chocolate’. Sold. I also saw ‘Caribbean Coconut’, ‘Cappuccino’, ‘Tahitian Vanilla Bean’ gelato and  ‘Roman Raspberry’ and ‘Blood Orange’ flavors of sorbet. Their sorbet is vegan and fat-free, with only 120 calories per serving. On their website I see there are many other flavors I did not see, but I did notice that lots of them were missing in the freezer when I was looking. Talenti is defiantly seemed popular at our grocer and it was not even on sale.

This gelato was pretty much one of the best things I have ever ate in my life. I LOVE CHOCOLATE and this particular one was off the charts. The recipe is perfect and the texture is amazing, it is not too sweet, most defiantly creamy but not too heavy. Did not leave any weird taste in my mouth, and I just wanted to eat the whole container. We managed to stop like 3/4 through and leave some for the next night, all I did was ‘Ohh and Ahhh’ over ‘how amazing’ it was lol. It will be hard for me to part with the ‘Double Dark Chocolate’ next time since my boyfriend is more a ‘Tahitian Vanilla’ kind of guy, but this stuff is so good it’s worth the compromise. Plus having someone to help me eat it, saves me 400 calories per pint 😉

Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You…


Their Sorbet Is Vegan And Fat Free.


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