Feeling Beautiful?

28 Jan

This Is The Face Scrub I Have Been Rockin. Smells AMAZING.

Well Freeman hopes that you are! Being the bath and body product junkie I am, I had to share my feelings about Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful line of bath and body products. Freeman is all vegan and uses some natural ingredients.  I came to know about Freeman’s when I found this delicious Raspberry Gel facial cleaner on clearance at Harmon. Since it said ‘Not Tested On Animals’ and used a natural exfoliate, I bought 4 tubes. Beyond smelling AMAZING, the exfoliating beads are gently yet effective. The scrub leaves my face clean, smooth and very soft. Highly recommended. Gentle enough to use everyday, if you ‘over exfoliate’ like I do 😉

On top of facial scrubs, Freeman also offers a line off facial masks, moisturizers and cleansers. Their body lines include hand creams, foot creams and scrubs, shampoos, body washes and several other cool things. I can also attest to using their ‘Bare Feet’ foot scrub before, my feet stay needing assistance. 17 years of soccer and basketball plus 17 years (so far) of walking, running, dancing and bartending in the highest heels I can find, I have some sad feet. I think their foot scrubs are invigorating and smell nice. Plus Freeman’s products are all priced extremely fair and contain no animal ingredients 🙂

Tested On Friends And Family, Not Animals. That’s Beautiful.



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