Restaurant Review: Red Bamboo.

27 Jan

This Is What My Boyfriends Entree Looked Like. The 'Chicken' Is Bangin.

I do not think I love anything more than vegan/vegetarian comfort food. I mean, now that I do not eat fried foods anywhere except vegan/vegetarian restaurants, I love comfort food that much more. I am starting to get the feeling that my boyfriend thinks I am nuts, but I look at it like this…I know how to prepare all the healthy foods I like. I can make veggies at home anyway I choose. When I go out to eat, I want some comfort food, fried and delicious. At the end of the day, how bad can it really be for me? Considering that most of the places we eat at are all natural on top of being vegetarian. When I start to gain weight from these weekly binges I’ll let you know. Until then, all is fair in love and vegan comfort food 🙂

My latest destination was Red Bamboo on the wonderful and always exciting island of Manhattan. Red Bamboo sits comfortably 3 doors down from one of the other favorite vegetarian restaurants ever, Vegetarians Paradise 2. (If you dare to read this blog for long enough, you will see that every vegetarian restaurant is my favorite vegetarian restaurant ever.) Just like it’s neighbor, this vegan joint is small, cozy and comfortable. It was quite busy when we were there but the service was great. The waitresses were quick, attentive and friendly. I obviously got comfort food, this included some Cajun Crispy Chicken and some fries. Since I told my boyfriend I did not know if I was really willing to part with any of my C.C.C., he decided to get some too. He got the big boy entree that came with some steamed veggies and mashed corn potatoes. The last thing sounds pretty nasty but it actually tasted quite good. Vegan restaurants are cool like that, you always find a new use for some type of veggie when you go to one.

The Cajun Crispy Chicken was amazing, I mean perfect. The appetizer portion was 6 nugget-things and I ate them all. And most of the fries which were super good. I do not recall my boyfriend leaving anything behind, so I think it is safe to say he enjoyed his too. We did not get any dessert because we already had plans to head to Cocoa V. Red Bamboo seems to be pretty popular with the NYC vegan set and I can tell why.

Fast. Friendly. Vegan Food. Their Website.

Red Bamboo. Manhattan, NY.

Red Bamboo

(212) 260-7049

(212) 260-1212

140 West 4th Street
(Between 6th Ave & Macdougal)

12:30 to Midnight

Noon to Midnight

Last Seating:
Sun – Thurs: 11:15
Fri: 11:40
Sat: 11:40

Delivery Until 11PM Daily
Red Bamboo on Urbanspoon


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