Boston Cookies. All Natural. All Vegan.

25 Jan

This Is The One That I Had. Delicious.

These days I am just so in love with vegan treats. I cannot help myself. My newest find was not even intentional. I actually picked up this HUGE all natural Mocha Chocolate Chip cookie at like 4am on my walk from Sullivan Room, to the garage where the car was parked. My trusty bodega is open 24/7 and never lets me down.

I only realized this delicious cookie was vegan when I was eating it like 3 days later and now that I have been on Boston Cookies website I see that all of their products are vegan. The Mocha Chocolate Chip one I had is their ‘Featured Winter Cookie’. Since it’s conception in 1998, Boston Cookies has worked hard to make healthy, all natural vegan products for ‘people who hold strong believes about the ethical treatment of animals’. That to me is awesome. On top of being all natural and vegan, their cookies also have no hydrogenated oils in them and are low-fat. They also have a selection of sugar-free cookies, brownies and shortbread cookies. Yum.

It is nice to see a product like this available at random places. They are also available at Whole Foods, many gourmet and specialty and most natural and health food stores. It is even nicer that you can order whatever you want right off their website 😉

All Natural. All Vegan. All Good.

I Have Not Had One Of These But I Want One REALLY Bad.


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