SASHA Farm. Sanctuary And Safe Haven For Animals.

21 Jan

SASHA Farm Is Located In Manchester, Michigan.

SASHA Farm is the largest farm animal sanctuary in the Mid West United States, for almost 2 decades they have been rescuing and servicing animals in need. They currently have over 200 animals on the farm, from goats and pigs to cows and chickens. Most have come to SASHA under sad circumstances but with a lot of love and TLC they get to live out the rest of their lives on a big farm, with lots of other animal friends to keep them company 🙂

SASHA Farms is operated by Dorothy Davies and Monte Jackson, they started by helping one dog in need and have turned this farm into 65 acres of heaven on Earth for these animals. Since they are a non for profit organization, they rely on donations and volunteers to keep things running. They also have benefits and dinners to help the farm and of course any donation that you make is tax deductible. You can also go and spend the day on the farm, get to know the animals and even pet them. Check the calendar to see what days they are open to the public.

Live And Let Live. SASHA Farms Website.

Sponsor Piggy. She Is One Of The Residents At SASHA Farms. She Loves Grapes And Bananas.


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