Fix Your Face: The Glycolic Acid Edition.

18 Jan

Reviva 5% Glycolic Acid Is A Good Cream To Start With.

To be honest, I do not think there are many things that actually WORK when it comes to facial skin care. Most creams seem to be loaded with fillers, parabens and other nonsense that will do nothing, except maybe make you look worse. Yeah I said it. I swear some facial creams make skin look worse. Since not everything works on everyone this is to be expected. After years and years of my trial and error, I think I can say that  Glycolic Acid does indeed work on any and everyone. IF used at the right percentage.

Glycolic Acid came onto my radar because it is a hard core, all natural exfoliate that comes from sugar plants. I mean a hard core exfoliate.  I found that Reviva had one of the strongest concentrations of it in cream form so I went with that. I was ordering it off Amazon but then I saw that (where else) Vitamin Shoppe carries tons of Reviva stuff, so that is where I get it now. Whatever you do, unless you have used Gyclocic Acid before, please start with the lowest percentage which is 5%. Reviva has a 5% and that is where I should have started, but since I am not one to listen to anyone I went with 10% and my first couple of months got super ugly at times lol. My skin got super red and I could not cover it with make up, it made me peel as a 50% chemical peel would. Do not go there yet, trust me. After a few months I adjusted and now use it 3-4 nights a week, alternating it with my DermaE Vitamin A Gel.

After a couple months I started getting carded like crazy when I went to buy things. This is how I know it worked 😉 Not to mention it took down my facial lines everywhere, ESPECIALLY my ( ) around my mouth. I hated those lines and I got them so young because I laughed at everything as a child/teenager/young adult. Now they are almost nothing. I have no 11 between my eyes and it did a really good job on the fine lines around my eyes. It also works like magic on problem skin and does even out your skin tone very well. Since glycolic acid does penetrate the skin and does expose new live cells, beware of the sun and do wear sunscreen. Do not use this cream during the day because if you do get sensitive, which may occur even after you are adjusted, you would rather be red at home, then at work. Not to mention I do not think you can wear make up on top of this cream. Seems as if that would irritate your skin, since the product is actively exfoliating.

People pay a lot of money to have peels done once/twice a month at the spa. I can see why. This does work. Save yourself the money though and look for Reviva’s cream. Read the instructions and enjoy your new skin 😉 This Is The 5%. Start With This!!! This Is The 10%.

10% Is The Next Step.


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