Sugar Free, Low Carb And High Protein.

17 Jan

They Come In 5 Flavors.

That pretty much sums up this protein bar, it is quite a simple bar. I picked it out due to its simplicity. Simplicity in packaging, simplicity in ingredients and simplicity in price (hello $1.99). Turns out, in this case, simple is just right.

The ‘CarbRite Diet’ protein bar by Doctors, is 21 grams of soy and whey protein in chewy ‘Chocolate Brownie’ tasting form. With only 190 calories and 3.5 grams of fat it is an easy way to get 21 grams of protein without a lot of extra calories. It is sugar free, but they replace the sugar with sugar alcohols such as maltitol. This is how they keep the carb content so low. I personally have no issue with sugar alcohols, but some people feel bloated from them. If you do not eat a lot of it, I am sure you will be fine.

I have only come across the chocolate brownie one at Vitamin Shoppe but if I ever see the others one I will try them. They are not all ‘designer’ like, which is why I like them. They are more on the page of a Think Thin bar but not as sweet. Defiantly a good choice, highly recommended. They Are Under The ‘Bars’ Section On The Left.


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