Read This: Get It Ripe.

11 Jan

Get It Ripe By Jae Steele. Get It.

I love reading. I always have and I always will. This is must thank my parents for since they taught me how to read quite young, and did so in a way that makes me love it to this day. On top of my love for reading, I also love books. I know Kindle is all the rage but I don’t know… The smell, the feel and being able to touch my book is all part of reading to me. It makes the experience all the more pleasurable and relaxing. My latest conquest is a vegan cooking/lifestyle book called Get It Ripe. Great Stuff.

On Christmas my wonderful, vegetarian/vegan sister gave me 2 great books to read. I actually started the other one but picked up Get It Ripe and never put it down. What a great little book. I mean she just covers it ALL. The author Jae Steel is a former vegetarian, now a vegan. She is honest, non judgmental, well informed and offers information on everything from vegan recipes to vitamins and nutrients, and what foods to get them from. I found her approach to veganism to be realistic and sincere with no ‘shock’ value. Jae knows her stuff and shares it all with such ease. Her advice is practical and her recipies are things normal folks can actually make and will actually LIKE. You can sell me on how healthy something is until you are blue in the face, but if I do not like the way it tastes, I can not do it. Life is too short to eat things you do not enjoy. Jae seems to feel the same way too πŸ˜‰

Everything she touches upon is helpful, she gets into amino acids and their sources, vegan sources of complete proteins, how to make things into complete proteins. The first half of the book is loaded with information and the second half is loaded with recipes. I have learned more in this book over the past 2 weeks then I have in years, when it comes to nutrition. Get It Ripe, is right on and I highly encourage everyone to read it. Vegan or not, she touches upon so many nutrition and health issues that everyone can learn from.

Jae, You Go Girl. This Is The Books Website.



2 Responses to “Read This: Get It Ripe.”

  1. Carolyn January 14, 2011 at 4:55 pm #

    I love, love, love this book. Every recipe that I have tried (and their have been many so far) has been fantastic! I would encourage everyone to give it a go. I’m glad to find another enthusiast who is spreading the word πŸ™‚

    • Melissa. January 14, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

      I am so glad you commented, this book rocks!!! Keep on spreading the word too πŸ™‚

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