Vegetarian Corn Dogs?

10 Jan

Veggie Patch.

So there are honestly several things I have never eaten in my life, and if I ever did consume then it was completely unintentionally. Mayo, McDonalds Hamburgers, Cheesburgers, Egg Salad, Deviled Eggs, Meatloaf, Corn Dogs. Just to name a few. I always wondered why I had never indulged in ‘Hot Dog On A Stick’ with my siblings back in the day. I LOVE corn bread and never really minded hot dogs. Maybe this is my former phobia of putting too ‘seemingly’ odd things together? Who knows, all I know is that I never had one until last month. And of course this one was a vegetarian one.

The brand Veggie Patch has been popping up in the frozen vegetarian foods section of the grocery store we frequent. Since we have to try every, new-to-us, vegetarian/vegan thing we see, these corn dogs were no different. And since my boyfriend used to LOVE corn dogs but has since become a vegetarian, it took no twisting of the arm to get him to try these. These mini corn dogs are not vegan since they use egg whites but they are made with non-gmo soy which is a major plus. They contain a whopping 12 grams of mostly soy protein and 270 calories per serving.

So we made them and ate them all. Ate some with honey mustard, some with ketchup and some with Seracha. They were so good. The corn bread coating was obviously my favorite part but to my surprise the soy dog was quite enjoyable too. There was no funky ‘vegetarian’ taste to it, they tasted like real deal junk food. Score. They are not something I plan on having in the freezer at all times like my Spicy Black Bean Burgers but they are something we will eat now and then on the weekends when it tickles our fancy. They are perfect finger food for entertaining guests, appetizers and for kids. Kids will definitely love these. This Is Their Website But I Cannot Find The Mini Corn Dogs Anywhere!!!

This Is What They Look Like.


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