Mahalo, Go Max Go. Mahalo.

9 Jan

Mahalo Vegan 'Almond Joy' By Go Max Go Foods Is All Natural.

I finally made it to the Mahalo. The holy grail of vegan candy bars in my opinion since I am obsessed with all things coconut. After tasting all of the other vegan candy bar options by Go Max Go, the Mahalo was the only one left. Last weekend we made our third trip to the Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford NJ. There was only one Mahalo bar left in the jar and you know it had our names all over it 😉

As I said this is the vegan version of an Almond Joy. They swap the milk chocolate for rice milk chocolate and basically leave the rest the same. Staying with the trend of all natural ingredients really puts the focus on the coconut, which we both felt was even better than the original Almond Joy coconut. With no trans fat and no hydrogenated oils these Go Max Go vegan candy bars are surprisingly not so bad for you. If you are a fan of the standard Almond Joy then keep your eyes out for the Mahalo bar.

Mahalo. Here Are All Of Their Vegan Candy Bars.

Mahalo candy bar

These Mahalo Bars ROCK!!!


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