Find A Vegan Or Vegetarian Love Connection.

5 Jan

There Are Many Websites That Can Help You Find A Vegan/Vegetarian Mate Or Just Some New Friends.

I never imagined that I would be advocating some type of on-line dating scene but now that I am a vegetarian adhering to many vegan principles I can totally get behind / etc. Knowing now what the vegan lifestyle actually is a  LIFESTYLE and not just something people ‘do’ I can totally see how and why people want to date and hopefully marry another vegetarian/vegan. Being a vegan is a huge life choice, a huge decision, that I feel needs to be complimented by a partner who is on the same page.

As I get further and further into my chosen lifestyle, I for one can surly say that I could only date a vegetarian or vegan. The way I feel about my lifestyle has become an extension of the person that I am and on top of that my lifestyle choice is molding me into the person I will become. When things come up in the world news that pertain to animals, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bounce the news off of someone with a similar point of view? I think it would be. In fact when it comes to vegan dating, everything seems more realistic when you think about dating another vegan. There will never be an awkward moment over dinner when one person is eating a burger and the other is vegan. There will be less moral strife by nature if both parties are vegan. And if the whole point of getting married or being in a serious relationship is to SHARE your LIFE with another person, then I think we can all see why and these other sites are a realistic approach to dating.

I am only blogging about this because I truly feel like it is a great idea. I have never used any of these sites or any other on-line dating site so I cannot tell you if they are good. I am not slagging them off at all, and I actually talk about this with my (now) vegetarian boyfriend all the time. He has never used on-line dating either but now that we are both vegetarians and see how it has impacted our lives, we both agree it is the way to go. Trolling around local vegetarian restaurants like a stalker will only get you so far, or arrested 😉

Luck Be A Vegan Tonight. Vegan Passions, Vegan Dating Site/Social Network.

Maple french toast cupcakes with pieces of veg...

Don't You Want To Be With Someone Who Gets As Excited Over Vegan Cupcakes As You Do??? 🙂 Veggie Date, Vegan and Vegetarian Dating Site (Includes Vegans and Raw Too). Veggie Connection, Vegetarian Dating Site.


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