Restaurant Review: Yuan Vegetarian.

4 Jan

Best General Taos EVER. For Real.

So my boyfriend and I had this killer trip planned to Arizona. We planned on seeing the Grand Canyon (first time for both of us) and spending a couple of nights in Sedona, once again a place neither of us has ever been. But apparently, Mother Nature had other plans and decided to dump close to 2 feet of snow on us in Jersey. In return our flights were canceled not one time but two times. After the second cancellation (and being up since 4am for a 6.45 flight) we said ‘Forget This, We Are OUT!!!’ So we hopped in the car and drove 6 hours on Route 87 North, and there we were in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sure it was cold but they had less snow then we did in Jersey and I had never been there, so it was all new to me. Montreal is a BEAUTIFUL city and SO SO SO clean. Coming from New York City, I am constantly AMAZED by the cleanliness of other cities. There is 1.5 million people there and no debris on any street or even in the alley ways. My kind of place 😉

Before we left, I obviously searched Happy Cow for places to eat. I chose the top 5 places based on reviews and once we got there, we hit the ground running. We ate dinner at a vegetarian buffet our first night, then the next day we hit up Yuan for lunch. Yuan. Yuan. Yuan. I really do not even know how to explain Yuan, except to say they have the BEST mock meats I have ever had in my vegetarian life. We happened to make it there for the $7.99 lunch special which was served Japanese Bento Box Style, with grapes and oranges, a small green salad, broccoli and  snap peas mixture and my amazing General Tao’s Chicken with red and yellow peppers. My General Tao’s was a any ‘real’ General Tao’s that I have ever had. The breading and the sauce were dead on and the mock meats they use are just amazing. There was absolutely NOTHING vegetarian tasting about this meal, yet every single aspect of it was a fruit or a vegetable. This is the most beautiful thing about being vegetarian, and eating mock meats that are not made with over processed soy, you are eating so many vegetables, so packed with fiber and other necessary nutrients. My boyfriend chose this huge, amazing salad with some crispy chicken cutlet in it. The salad was so big and full of greens and sprouts, he loved it. Our lunch specials came with hot and sour soup or miso soup. Both were really good, we also selected the ravioli in peanut sauce as an appetizer. We thought this was really good since we both adore peanut sauce. We also had spring rolls which were not your typical deep-fried kind. They were full of greens, cucumber, carrots, and tofu all wrapped in a clean and fresh rice paper wrapping. They were also very good but I did not finish mine since I was full of General Tao’s.

The portion sizes were very large for the price. The restaurant itself is very nice. It is located in the lower level of a building on a really nice street in Montreal and appears to be recently renovated. It is very comfortable to relax in. As well as having their restaurant, they also have a small ‘grocery’ store attached where you can shop for all of your mock-meat needs. EVERYTHING is there, from mock chicken drum sticks to dehydrated mock meat you can use to make chili. We had never seen anything like it so we copied down all the names of the products so we can locate them near us. Most of the products are frozen, which is awesome for the people who live close by, who want to whip up a quick vegetarian meal at home. Yuan was everything everyone said it was on Happy Cow and then some.

We loved Yuan so much, we ended up going back to eat lunch there again on Friday. I had what he had the first time and vice versa 🙂  This time we had the pleasure of meeting the owner, her son, her daughter and her soon to be son-in-law. Hailing from Taiwan, they are 6th and 7th generation vegetarians. We had a chance to talk about what it is like for them being a vegetarian since conception, what being a vegetarian truly means and how they hope to help branch out into other cities and states. They will be opening a second location in Montreal first. We spent 3 hours there eating, drinking a constant stream of tea and chatting about life. It was so refreshing for us to be able to see that we are not crazy and that there are other people who think as we do. Sitting with that family and enjoying our time together was a blessing and it was so much fun. There was quite a few laughs going on and not to mention we got to try some delicious vegan jello in soy milk, compliments of the chef. It was delicious.  We purchased some of the mock meats they had for sale and used them to make vegan chili the other night. It was perfect. The conversation we got to have with this family was so enlightening and wonderful, I cannot thank them enough. We cannot wait to go to Yuan the next time we are in Montreal.

So needless to say if you are ever in Montreal, vegetarian or not…go to Yuan. Here Is A Link To Their Page On Happy Cow.
Yuan on Urbanspoon

The Family Behind Yuan.

Yuan Is Located In Montreal.


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