Erykha Badu: Mother, Singer And Vegan Too.

3 Jan
Gent Jazz: Erykah Badu

Ms. Badu Performing At The Ghent Jazz Festival.

I have been a fan of Ms. Badu since 1996-1997 when I heard ‘On and On’ for the first time. Followed by ‘Next Lifetime’ and ‘Other Side Of The Game’. Her debut album is a masterpiece and one of the few albums from the mid-late 90’s that I still listen to all the time today. Ms. Badu is a true artist in every sense of the word, she writes and arranges all of her songs, she actually sings live when you see her in concert and she is constantly evolving her style of music. On top of this she is strikingly beautiful, seemingly kind and compassionate and obviously caring 🙂

 A 4 time Grammy winning artist, a mother of three, a holistic health practitioner and a certified Reiki instructor, Erykha is also a vegan as are all three of her children. Her venture into the world of vegetarian living started back in 1989, when she was in high school. Since then she has studied Reiki, holistic healing and holistic nutrition, she grows her own herbs and bottles them herself. She is aware of the world she lives in and is proud of the one she has created for her children. She sees patients, she  homeschools her children and she spreads the word of compassion. When she has been asked about her choice to be vegan, she has stated that ‘We are alive, we are living, why would you want to put something dead into your body?’. Life IS something to be fed and nurtured so hearing her say that made me happy. I always get happy when people connect being a vegan or vegetarian to the bigger picture which it is connected to.

Ms. Badu is a perfect example of what it means to be true to yourself. She follows her hearth, follows her feelings and follows her emotions. She knows there is a bigger picture in this life and through her children she is passing on her consciousness and compassion. Hearing about one person being a vegetarian or vegan is always a positive thing in my opinion but to hear about a whole family of vegetarians/vegans is pure bliss. Her Website. An Interview With Ms. Badu and Common.

Erykah Badu w/ the Cannabinoids

Erykha Badu Performing With The Cannabinoids. She Is The Perfect Example Of A Beautiful, Healthy, Loving Individual. All About Her and Her Children.


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