evol. burritos.

30 Dec

This Is The Veggie Fajita One I Had. It Was Awesome.

Frozen burritos have become a staple in our freezer since we converted to vegetarians, I never really ate frozen burritos before because I used to hate beans. Now I LOVE burritos and have been very lucky to find some nutritious, delicious and easy to make frozen burritos. The most recent ones we bought were called evol. burritos. We found them at Whole Foods and they come a whole bunch of types from the usual suspects of rice, bean and cheese to fancy vegan ones like tofu and spinach saute and veggie fajita. We chose to go with the later two vegan options and we were quite impressed.

Unlike all of the other frozen burriots we have tried, evol. burritos can be microwaved in their individual wrappers. In only two minutes you have a steaming hot, healthy burrito to eat. Their burritos come wrapped in whole wheat tortillas and we noticed that they seemed to be less frozen then the other brands we have eaten. Also unlike the other brands, the insides of these burritos were not a free for all disaster. In my veggie fajita burrito, I could see and identify the corn, peppers, rice and beans with no problem. In my boyfriends tofu and spinach saute it was the same story, big chunks of tofu and lots of delicious spinach.

We found these burritos to be quite filling. They each had 5-6 grams of fiber and 10-12 grams of protein per burrito. They are all natural and made with 70-80% organic ingredients. They contain a decent amount of sodium (as do all frozen foods) but yet there was not any hint of salt taste. I found the flavors to be very natural, the veggies were very crisp and the burrito was so colorful, bursting with veggies. These burritos cost more then our standard selection but I think they are worth it. At the end of the day you get what you pay for.

We love evol. burritos. And you will too.


This Is The Tofu And Spinach Saute My Boyfriend Had, He Loved His Too.


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