Good Ole’ St. Ives.

24 Dec

I Love ALL Of St. Ives Products.

My bathroom is full of St. Ives products. They are my standard go to. They are my little black dress of the bath and beauty world. They are no fuss, no frills and easy to find. I can always find a bottle of St. Ives lotion and a facial scrub no matter where I am and that is how I like it. When people ask me what I want for a grab bag gift or for stocking stuffer, I always say ‘St. Ives something’ because I know I will use it and I know no animals were harmed in the process.

Even before I was aware of animal testing and animal by products I used St. Ives. I always thought their prices were fair and for me their body lotions always did the trick. As did their facial scrubs. Once I became vegan in my beauty and fashion routines I started to depend on St. Ives a little more. I now use most of their scrubs, their fresh skin face cleanser and their facial masks. I go through a bottle of body lotion every other week and I use their body wash twice a day. One with exfoliating beads and one to moisturize. Since I have been using strictly St. Ives on my skin I have never had an issue with dry, tight or flaking skin. Somehow I manage to stay supple without being a big grease ball. This is key. I also find that St. Ives lotions are not sticky on your body like lots of other brands are, I can actually get my jeans on after I moisturize with St. Ives 😉

On top of not testing on animals I find that St. Ives tends to use natural ingredients when they can. I notice that the ingredients in most of their body lotions are 100% natural. Their ingredients are approved by the FDA and The US Cosmetic Ingredient Review.  All of St. Ives products are also dermatologist tested and are free of  parabens and phthalates. Their new packaging in made from 20% post consumer products and all of their bottles and pumps can be recycled, by using recycled plastic they save about 50,000 pounds of material from going to landfills every year. That is A LOT of poundage they are keeping out of the landfills.

St. Ives offers a little bit of something for everyone. From their ‘Naturally Clear’ line which attacks blemishes, to their ‘Intensive Healing’ line which gives an extra dose of moisture for severely dry skin, every product delivers the quality one should expect from St. Ives. Since St. Ives is sold EVERYWHERE there is really no reason to use nasty animal tested on products with nasty animal by products in them. And with prices like theirs, you just cannot beat it 😉

A Compassionate St. St. Ives Website.

This Is The Least Greasy, Fastest Absorbing Body Lotion I Have Ever Come Across.


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