Go Vegetarian And Lose Weight.

22 Dec
Day 54 - Weighing In!

Vegeterians Tend To Weigh Less Then Meat Eaters.

That is what the studies seem to say these days. In many studies done with mostly women, scencetists have come to find that the vegetarian women tend to weigh less then their meat eating couterparts. To me this seems like a big, ‘Duh’ but at the same time I have seen a lot of over weight vegans and vegetarians too so maybe I should be less snarky on this issue ūüėȬ† Studies show that about 25% of vegetarians are over weight where as 40% of carnies are over weight. This is a pretty big difference, a difference that should not be over looked or brushed aside. More often then not these¬†days, dieticians, media outlets and health professionals are all saying that moving to a plant based diet is the jam. These studies on women and their weight just further the proof.

There are many different theories as to why vegetarians and vegans tend to weigh less. Some say this is because vegans and vegetarians tend to be healthier people all around, they tend to make better food decisions. Researchers tend to think that plant eaters weigh less simply because ‘not all carbs are created equal’. Plants are full of carbs which can cause weight gain¬†but plant cabrs are also¬†full of fiber that fills you up faster, in turn causing you to eat less. Since plant carbs are also full of vitamins and nutrients, they also help the plant eaters get a better all around nutrition profile from their foods. Even vegetarian pre schoolers were found to be less likely to be over weight then their meat eating peers.

Reguardless of the reasons the proof is out there, vegetarians tend to weigh less then meat eaters. I can notice this trend even when I go to eat at a vegetarian restaurant. Most people who are there tend to be thin and look healthy, even the ‘older’ people look great with smooth skin and toned bodies. I personally think once one becomes a vegetarian it is a catalyst that just gets you started living a clean and healthy life. At times I think this happens subconsciously and then it just becomes a lifestyle. I personally became a more open eater and a better eater once I became a vegetarian. I also have maintained the lowest body fat percentage I have had since I was a child with ease.

Remember Rome was not built in a day. The switch to a vegetarian diet can take place in steps, which lessens the blow and gets you accustomed to things slowly. Start with no meat on Mondays and take it from there.

Go vegetarian and lose weight.

http://www.suite101.com/content/vegetarianism-and-weight-loss-a40476 Article On Vegetarians Weighing Less.

http://www.diet-blog.com/05/vegetarians_are_slimmer_than_meateaters.php A Good Blog.

Labeling for vegetarian and non-vegetarian foo...

This Is The Labeling For Vegetarian And Non Vegetarian Foods In India.


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