Breakfast With Ezekiel.

20 Dec


Trader Joe's:

Image by Chris Devers via Flickr

 As I have stated many a times on this blog, I am a carb addict. My body literally cannot and will not run if I do not have carbs for breakfast. I operate on a slower pace, feel hungry and crave carbs all day if I do not have them. And by carbs I do not mean oatmeal (which I probably should be eating) or breakfast cereal, I mean bagels and toast. REAL carbs. With butter. Imagine that. I am a firm believer that listening to your body is the best way to know what you should be eating. Since my body screams CARBS, and I knew a 500 calorie bagel in the morning was not going to cut it past the age of 30 I needed a plan. I first switched to English Muffins which I completely adore, and can eat about 6 per sitting but I still needed more. Something well…more. Then I met Ezekiel.

I had heard about Ezekiel in my fitness magazines, and in my constant hunt for nutrition information but I could never find him. Turns out I had been passing him by for months in the frozen foods section of my local grocery. Ezekiel is a whole grain bread that is low on the glycemic index. It is not made with flour so it does not spike your insulin like a flour bases bread would. This bread is very hearty, and holds up very well when it comes to making french toast or grilled cheese on it. The base of this bread is sprouted grains and legumes. It sounds kind of gross but to me it just tastes like whole wheat bread but a little more filling. You can actually see the sprouted grains in the bread.

Each slice of Ezekiel contains 4-5 grams of fiber and complete protein. This bread comes in a couple different types, the most popular ones being  7 Sprouted Grains with and without sesame seeds and cinnamon raisin. I have always been a cinnamon raisin chick and in my opinion this is the best cinnamon raisin bread I have found in the store. Obviously Ezekiel costs more than a loaf of  Wonder Bread or Arnold’s but bear in mind that you buying and will be eating a completely different type of bread. I find that Trader Joes has the best prices on Ezekiel then A&P and then Whole Foods. I find it frozen everywhere except Trader Joes. It is well worth the price.

Meet Ezekiel. Here Are Their Sprouted Grain Breads. This Is Their Homepage, They Carry Alot of Other Vegan/Vegtarian Products Too.

Cinnamon Raisin Is My Favorite.


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