Love Those Jokerz.

6 Dec


Jokerz Vegan Candy Bar

Jokerz Candy Bar Is A Vegan Version Of A Snickers.

 So we went back to Sweet Avenue Bake Shop again this weekend and once again we were amazed. From the cupcakes to the candy, it was all perfection 😉  My second venture into vegan candy bar territorty took me to the Jokerz Candy Bar, which is a vegan version of a Snickers Candy Bar. And I thought it could not get any better then the Twilight Candy Bar, which is a vegan Milky Way. I was wrong. The Twilight Bar was amazing and in some ways I like it better then the Jokerz since I am a simple chick who believes less IS more. The Jokerz bar just did such an amazing job of making actual Snickers taste like a sugary mess, I am kind of blown away.

I am so not the one to be all glowing about natural, vegan candy bars but man these people have really got it going on over at Go Max Go Foods. These candy bars manage to make rice milk chocolate coating and egg white free nuggit taste amazing. All with no cholesterol, no trans fat and no nasty hydrogenated oils to clog up your arteries. This is not saying that these candy bars are all nutritious and healthy or that you should eat them everyday but I am just amazed that there is an alternative. The biggest difference that I am noticing with all of the vegan treats I try is the realness of their taste. How I can actually taste each ingredient not just a bunch of sugar and artificial chemicals. In this Jokerz Bar I actually got to enjoy the peanuts, this is something I never can do with Snickers since I am just overwhelmed by sugar from the first bite.

I cannot wait to try their Mahalo Bar which is a vegan Almond Joy and their Buckaneer Bar which is a vegan Three Musketeers Bar. Until then here are some Jokerz you can trust.

 http:// They Are The First Bar Listed On This Page

Jokerz candy bar

Even Better Then Dairy Laiden Snickers.


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