FOCAS Kitten And Cat Adoptions Every Friday Night And Saturday In Paramus NJ.

5 Dec

Adopt Me!!! My Name Is Marley And I Am Looking For My Forever Home 🙂

Lately I find myself becoming more and more of a cat person. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is stopping my pet addiction/habit at three Chihuahuas and a Beta fish named Elvis, BUT I really want nothing more then to have a cat now. I do not even need a kitten, just a cool lounge cat. It is a fact that Chihuahuas have MANY feline tendencies. I tell people this often after they give me the ‘Ugh’ grimace once they learn that I have not one, but three Chihuahuas. They never believe me, so I am once again looked at like ‘the crazy Chihuahua lady’ 😉 In all honestly, my dogs are 100% pure catdog, leading me to believe that having a cat would be pretty cool.

Think about it, cats are way easier to care for then dogs. They are more independent, do not need as much attention and have a very long life span (domesticated cats). Cats are easy pets for people who travel often or who are busy with work. Sure having a litter box maybe a downfall, but think about all the accidents your dog/dogs have had over the years on your rugs? Makes me wish I had a litter box for my dogs when I think about it now… lol. I know first hand hand how many cats are in the kill shelters around here. It is heart wrenching going into those places and seeing all of those sad faces. No animal deserves to die because of human negligence, and human negligence is all it is most of the time. Failure to spay and neuter leads to many innocent lives lost 😦 I have spent my share of time in kill shelters, adopting, looking to adopt and hunting down dogs, and let me tell you that being there for one minute will forever change who you are as a person. Unless you are completely heartless of course 😛

In order to bring down the population in the kill shelters we must push adoption in all forms. Adopt from a place like FOCAS, which is not a kill shelter but a rescue group. By adopting from a rescue group you open up a spot for a little monster who is on death row somewhere. I am not saying to not go to the shelters, yes please go by all means, but adopting from a rescue group is just as wonderful. If you are looking for a furry friend please consider a cat, they make great pets and great friends. FOCAS hosts kitten and cat adoptions at Petco every Friday night from 7pm-9pm and every Saturday from 10am-4pm on Rt. 17 in Paramus, NJ.

You can contact the FOCAS help line at 201 943 4019 for any further information. All contrubutions are tax deductable by law. This Is Their Main Website.

http:// This Is The Link To The Adoption Events. They Have Dogs Too!!!

Po Box 439 Hasbrouck Heights Nj 07604-4039

Est 1984 For The Protection And Preservation Of Animals.

Hi I'm Samson.. A Handsome, Young Man Waiting For His Forever Home 🙂


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