Bone Picking With Famous ‘Vegans’.

3 Dec
Ellen DeGeneres in 2009.


Ok, so I do not claim to be perfect in any sense of the word. All I do in life is TRY to practice what I preach to the best of my abilities. If you are all ‘animal rightsy’ yet eat meat then you are a hypocrite. If you’re a vegan and get paid millions of dollars to be a spokesperson for a cosmetic company that tests on animals then you too are a hypocrite. A rich one. One named Ellen Degeneres. If you are a Buddhist (well at least CLAIM to be a Buddhist) yet you inject your face with BOTOX, which is not only tested on animals but contains animal by products, then you too are a hypocrite. A big boobed, blonde one named Jenny McCarthy. Two rich, hypocrites (let’s call them ‘richocrites’ for fun). I am by no means trying to be a ‘hater’ or some weirdo with a blog sitting behind a computer hating on successful people. I am glad that these two choose not to eat meat and I know Ellen does not wear skins anymore either, which I commend. Awesome. Rock On. BUT I am just irked at their hypocrisy. Ugh.

Ellen to me seems like a very strong lady, a caring woman and a kind woman. I do not know her, so this is just the persona that she lets us see. I appreciate all she has done with animal rights groups and I appreciate her and her wifes ‘vegan’ lifestyle. SO WHY THE HECK IS SHE THE SPOKESWOMAN FOR COVER GIRL???? HELLO??? You cannot say she needs the money as her talk show is like the #1 talk show around. The ladies LOVE her. She is a millionaire, yet she feels the need to shill Cover Girl cosmetics? Those animal testers? Really? When I first noticed she was working with them about a year ago I was so upset and as the time has gone by I get even more upset that no one has called her out on it. She is receiving all these humanitarian awards for helping animals YET she gets PAID millions to endorse the abuse and mistreatment of them for the sake of vanity. I mean she could not have just gone to Revlon? At least they have been animal testing free since the 90’s (they have yet to sign with The Leaping Bunny Program though) and their products are sold at all the same places Cover Girl is. Almay does not test on animals either and I see them at CVS, Target, Harmon all the usual spots. So Ellen gets the big thumbs down from me because she is a hypocrite who makes money off of being…well…a hycroite. Obviously Ellens bank account is not a animal friendly place.

My second bone to pick is with none other then the buxom blond Ms. Jenny McCarthy. Oh Jenny, where do I begin. This lady is always in the news yapping about something or another. Sometimes making sense, more then often NOT but that is not even really my issue with her. My issue is with her set of convenient morals. This chick is kind of LAME. She claims to be a Buddhist which is super cool if she really is. My big question is, how can one be a Buddhist yet inject BOTOX into their face? Botox is so HORRIBLE. I hope she knows that her lovely Botox is tested on and KILLS animals everyday. Not to mention that Botox is an actual living microorganism. Using Botox also goes against the basic Buddhist ‘Principal Of Equality’ that states all living entities are equal. All of this makes Jenny McCarthy not only a hypocrite, but a horrible Buddhist. How she has not been called out on this is beyond me. Not to mention she is frequently seen wearing Louboutins and YSL’s on her feet. Neither brand makes a vegan shoe line. I guess this is some new form of ‘ Buddhism/Veganism’ she is following. Seems to me Ms. McCarthy is all preach and no pratice and one of the WORST vegans EVER. Two thumbs down.

Jenny McCarthy at E3 2006.


Words Of Wisdom…If you say you are a vegan then just be a vegan. If you want to be a vegan in public and a hyprocrite on the low then just spare us all the babble about animal rights and your (part time) vegan lifestyle. Veganism is WAY more then just what you eat. Veganism is not some Hollyood trend. Respect all aspects of the lifestyle or do not claim it.  😉 Animals and Botox Testing. Core Beliefs of Buddhism.


2 Responses to “Bone Picking With Famous ‘Vegans’.”

  1. applemoon January 22, 2014 at 8:27 am #

    It’s so sad that nobody takes a stand anymore about what they really believe is right or wrong. Love your article it’s true they are hypocrites not to mention Ellen wears Converse who admit to not being vegan yet she claim to be. I’m so mad that she is claiming to be vegan and promotes cover-girl who I’m sure pay her very nice. Is anyone in Hollywood legit? Humane society also gave her an award of some sorts PETA also gives these celebrities time by allowing them to pose nude and stop wearing fur and yet they wear UGGs it’s so disgusting to me. I love animals and I do try to buy animal friendly products and not eat as much meat and I myself have stopped wearing my UGGs once I found out what they do to the sheeps. It must be so infuriating to true vegans.

    • Veggie Fitness November 7, 2014 at 6:52 pm #

      You sound like a kind, caring and aware person 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, I couldn’t agree more!

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