Is Vegetarian Body Building An Oxymoron?

30 Nov

ABB Pure Pro 50.

Up until recently, even as a vegetarian I tended to think that being a body builder or to even just compete in the fitness world one must be a meat eater. A big meat eater at that. As I learn more about the fitness world, I see that my former perception was not totally off point. I mean, in reality meat eaters far outweigh the vegan and vegetarian competitors. Not to mention that a vegetarian diet is never really discussed and definitely not recommended in that industry. The amount of slaughter that goes into feeding the fitness industry is repulsive, as are most of the diets I read about that these women and men are on. Even when I was a ‘carnie’ I never ate meat for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. That is just too much meat. Since we all know the downsides of meat (and if you don’t, read through some of the older posts on this blog), it really makes me stop and wonder how healthy the fitness industry truly is. I would say a lot less healthier then what they allow us to see.

Since building muscle is all about hard work, consistent work and plenty of protein, it is no wonder many vegans and vegetarians who lift are concerned about their protein intake. With a little thought and some tiny dietary adjustments you can be on your way to building plenty of lean, calorie burning muscle. The object of protein is to consume the ‘cleanest’ form you can. To most people, this mostly consists of lean meats like chicken, turkey and lean beef. For vegetarians, this is whey, eggs, low fat dairy, nuts and soy. For vegans it is soy, hemp, nuts and other plant based proteins. The good news for vegans and vegetarians is that our sources of protein are far superior and far ‘cleaner’ then any meat based protein 😉

On your way to fit body perfection, you must keep the protein intake up, up, up. The word on the streets these days is that one should consume about 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. I would need about 120-125. To be honest I do not usually get that much, I tend to fall around 90 grams. I have been working really hard to add and extra protein shake to my daily regime. I am also trying to eat Edamame at leat 3-4 times a week at night to get that extra unprocessed soy protein. I do not find it hard to get the proper amount of protein as a vegetarian. I  find that for me it just takes a little more thought since I do not eat eggs or much dairy. Whey is my go-to protein source as it is easily absorbed by the body and redily available these days.

So the good news is being a vegetarian should not shatter your bodybuilding or fitness competition dreams 😉 At the end of the day in fitness protein is protein, get it where you can. Luckily for US some sources are far better then others…

*ABB Pure Pro 50 is what I have been reaching for lately. It tastes SO good, the list of ingredients is short, sweet and to the point and it manages to pack 50 grams of milk and whey protein into only 240 calories. 240 calories is very low for a shake containing that many grams of protein, not to mention this shake is pretty low in sugar, fat and carbs too.* ABB Pure Pro 50. About Vegetarian Body Builders.

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