Tasty Treats Review: Cafe Indigo.

27 Nov

This Is The DELICIOUS Chocolate Cake I Had. You Will Never Believe It Is Vegan.

So I did not technically GO to Cafe Indigo, unfortunately, since it is located in Concord, New Hampsire and I am here right outside of NYC. I have been to Concord since I have an aunt, uncle and 2 cousins that live there and I must say I love New Hampsire. I was there long before my vegetarian days, in fact my cousin who is a senior in high school was OBSESSED with Barney the last time I was there. That is how long it has been, sadly. From what I remember though, Concord New Hampsire is not only the perfect place for a vegan cafe to exist but to flourish. And flourish is what Cafe Indigo has done, this is why I was able to buy a slice of their cake at Whole Foods in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Cafe Indigo is an organic, vegan cafe that was started when the search for the perfect vegan wedding cake proved to be harder then expected. They began converting old family recipes into a ‘new’ vegan version and the rest is vegan history. They offer vegan versions of everything from cakes to pies to turkeys and bacon. Since there signature vegan cake is so amazing, Whole Foods has decided to start selling it in their stores located in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island. This cake…is simply amazing. Perfect.

I did not know what I was choosing when I picked up this cake, all I saw was a VEGAN sticker and chocolate. That is enough for me. I am happy I did not even look at the price ($5.00 for one slice and no it was not that big) because the rational part of my brain would have put it back BUT these days the ‘vegan treat’ side of my brain always wins, I do not look at prices, I just buy and enjoy. Guilt free. This was a 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing and it was perfect. The cake was insanely moist, the most moist cake I have ever had in my life. Nothing crumbled it simply just ‘smushed’ and ‘sprung’ back. The cake was so chocolaty but not sugary, it was not overly sweet or overly chocolate the balance was on point. Now the icing is where the whole vegan usually kicks in on my taste buds. I can just tell vegan icing from a mile away, I do not know why it is so hard to nail the recipe and only a few manage to really get it. The icing was awesome, not hard like some vegan icing is, not too sugary which most icings are. It was thin and complementary to the cake, it did not over whelm it simply ‘iced the cake’ as it was supposed to. My boyfriend who is not a chocolate guy also loved it. There is no way anyone would not like this cake, unless they really, really do not like chocolate or are allergic to it.

I am always snatching up vegan treats when I see them. I have a sweet tooth by nature that I give into 90% of the time but since I am very cautious about what I put in my body, most cakes and cookies do not make the cut these days. I know now that a lot of commonly seen cupcakes and cakes are made with animal fat and many other things have gelatin in them which makes them non vegetarian. Then the rest of the stuff is just full of sugar and hydrogenated oils, gross. Not going into my body. This is why vegan treats are important to me, they are usually made with top notch ingredients that I can pronounce and that do not come from animals. The vegan cakes, cupcakes and cookies I have inhaled over the past 6 months have been better then their dairy laden counterparts 90% of the time. Leaving me nothing to miss.

Look for Cafe Indigo’s award winning cake at your Whole Foods or you can order from them on their website. Apparently their carrot cake is to die for and if I find it you will hear about it 😉


Cafe Indigo 128 H Hall St Concord, NH 03301

This Is Their Vegan Cheesecake.



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