Save Water. Go Vegetarian.

20 Nov
Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...

Save Water. Go Vegetarian.

Water. Water. Water. We cannot live without it. Almost nothing can survive without water, yet we act like it is nothing. We waste it, pollute it and completely take it for granted. As I get older and continue to learn more about the world, I simply feel blessed to have hot water, running water and clean water. These things are a luxury in many parts of the world, but not here in America. We waste water like it is going out of style. We water our lawns at 2pm on an August afternoon during drought warning here in Jersey. Do not lie people. I see it with my own two eyes and I always wonder… WHAT THE HECK THESE PEOPLE ARE THINKING?!?

Unfortunately, people just do not care. I think a lot of people see with blinders on. They live in their own world and that is all that matters to them. This is sad because it is this precise thinking that got our world into the complete mess it is right now. Everyone just lives as if things magically get replenished. This is not the case. We do not run the world (as much as we would like to believe we do). Mother Nature run’s the world, and unless we make some serious changes she will be ending this world as we know it sooner then we ever expected. We are turning this Earth into a disaster zone but if we all think a little bit broader about how much of an impact we EACH have then we can start to turn it around. Little things like installing low flow shower heads and turning off the sink while brushing your teeth truly add up and save a lot of water in the long run.

Those are not the biggest wastes of water though, eating meat is. By not eating beef for 1 year you will save over 300,000 gallons of water. This is almost more water then you will ever use for showers maybe in your whole life, since the average person uses about 5000 gallons of water per year for showering. To produce 1lb of beef, ONE POUND, takes over 5200 GALLONS OF WATER. To produce 1lb of wheat takes about 25 gallons of water. It takes 600 gallons of water to produce just ONE HAMBURGER. On the other hand producing one pound of lettuce or tomatoes takes about 23 gallons of water and one pound of chicken takes about 815 gallons. One pound of pork takes about 1700 gallons of water where as apples only take about 50. More then 13 TRILLION GALLONS of water are pulled from Earths largest body of water EVERY YEAR for the feeding of livestock. Mostly beef. 13 TRILLION GALLONS a year that have yet to be and that will never be replaced. This aquifer of water is not like a river or a stream, it does not get replenished when it rains. This means that once that water is gone, it is gone for good. More water is drawn from here for beef alone then for all of the fruits and vegetables grown in the WHOLE United States Of America. The first wells to dry up will be in Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Nebraska. Once these wells dry up the land will become inhabitable for humans, Environmentalists are saying this will happen much sooner then later at this rate.

The last paragraph pretty much spells it out in black and white. Read it again and really think about it, then take the steps that YOU feel are best for you, your family, our planet and our furry friends. Leading a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle will not only safe your health, it will safe our planets health. I do not have children personally, but it still scares me to think what kind of Earth our future generations will inherent. Eating a plant based diet is the best thing for everyone and everything, and I personally feel as if it is the only way we can start to repair our planet. As a Western diet of fast food hamburgers spreads around the world, we are only doing more damage then good. We can make it better and all it takes is one positive step at a time.

To me it is like Jay Kay said in 1992; ‘And You Better Play It Nature’s Way, Or She Will Take It All Away.’

Jamiroquai - Jay Kay @ Aguaviva Canarias - Los...

Jamiroquai Frontman Jay Kay Has Been Singing About The Abuse Of Our Planet For 20 Years Now.


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