Killer Boots Ma’am.

6 Nov

Big Buddha Vegan Boots.

So this whole vegan boot experience has been SURREAL. I can not get over how many amazing pairs of vegan boots I have seen and bought this winter. Aye De Mi. For real. I am honestly having a hard time saying no when I see a vegan boot screaming my name. It is hard for me to walk away when something compassionate looks so darn good. I am sorry, but our of all things in the fashion world BOOTS are my WEAKNESS. You can keep your $10,000 Hermes Bags and your posh Fendi Mink Vest, just gimme the VEGAN BOOTS and no one will get hurt 😉

So my latest addition to my compassionate arsenal of boots comes from the brand Big Buddha. To put it plain, Big Buddha rocks. They are a newer company who makes all vegan totes, purses, shoes, boots and other fashion items. Their products can be purchased all over the web from Zappos to Amazon to Ebay. I have also seen them at Bakers, DSW and Mandee. I bought mine off Amazon from ShoeMall after I slept on them 2 months ago at DSW. Of course by the time I realized what a mistake I had made and I schleped back to DSW, ‘$20 Off’ coupon in hand, my size was gone. Naturally. So I bought them online and then saw them 4 days later for $10 cheaper at Mandee lol.

The quality of these boots are amazing. The souls are comfortable and supportive and the faux leather is some of the best I have owned. The boots I bought are a little on the ‘motorcycle’ side of the game and I find they look really good with skinny jeans tucked into them. They tend to run on the smaller size, so take this into consideration before ordering their boots. With companies like Big Buddha making killer boots with compassion, there is no reason to be wearing leather boots these days ladies. Their Website. Some Shoes. Some Handbags.

Big Buddha Has Many Differnt Styles Of Vegan Boots And Shoes.


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