His And Hers All Natural Protein Bars.

6 Nov
EvaBear is Thinking Thin

It Is Easy To See Why Ladies (And Men) LOVE Think Thin Protein Bars. They Are Delicious.

Protein bars are a great way to cure a hunger attack and get that additional protein that us vegetarians end up needing so badly. Unfortunately, MOST protein bars are nothing more then glorified candy bars. Hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors and even gelatin are shoved into these bars and assumed by the masses to be ‘healthy’. Do not pump your body full of that junk, please. Now, with the introduction of these 2 all natural protein bars, you have no excuse to reach for the junk. Technically either sex can (and should) eat either one of these bars I will talk about it, but to me it is obvious that these 2 products were created to be separate but not equal. One is way more ‘manly’ and the other ‘sweet and dainty’. I had the pleasure of seeing a very big man buy a large box of the ‘sweet and dainty’ bars (and my boyfriend has been known to eat them) and I have personally enjoyed the ‘manly’ ones myself, so like I said… they both can go either way.

Ladies first. Think Thin bars were developed by a woman named Lizette who is a former model, mother and also managed to help create a really great tasting protein bar for women. Her Think Thin bar is gluten free, sugar free and all natural. Each bar contains 20 grams of high quality protein (sourced from whey, casein and soy), 1 gram of fiber and 8 grams of fat. Since sugar alcohols replace ‘real sugar’, these bars are a great option for people with diabetes. Bear in mind that sugar alcohol can and will cause bloating in some individuals. I honestly never seem to have a problem with it, but I tend to keep my sugar alcohols to a minimum. So far, I have come across Think Thin bars in Peanut Butter, Chunky Peanut Butter, Chocolate Fudge, Brownie Crunch and White Chocolate Chip (which is my personal favorite). I think it is the perfect protein bar and the tastes are not chalky, ‘proteiney’ or chemically.  The coatings on these bars tends to melt in warmer weather, so when the summer months come I store them in the fridge and do not keep any in my car. These bars have 230-250 calories and also contain 17 vitamins and minerals. One being B12 which is something I believe (and many studies and doctors agree) all vegetarians/vegans need to be sure they are getting enough of.

Now onto Cliff who seems to have mastered this whole natural energy/protein bar situation. Cliff Builder’s slogan is ‘The Entirely Natural Protein Bar’. Sounds good to me. This bar appears to be big and thick. It appears WAY bigger then they ‘dainty and sweet’ Think Thin bar but in actuality they are 2.4oz and 2.1oz so they are almost the same size. The Builder’s also has 20 grams of protein and 8 grams of fat. Unlike Think Thin, Cliff Builder’s protein is 100% soy, it also uses real sugar (evaporated cane juice) and has 4 grams of fiber. The calorie content is a little higher at 270, but this is still a really low calorie content for a protein bar of this size. Builder’s have 23 vitamins and minerals, including B12, although not as much as Think Thin has. This bar is a low glycemic food so it will not give you a sugar high and then make you crash, and is designed to keep you feeling full for a while. 33% of the ingredients in this bar are organic. It says it may contain traces of dairy and other nuts, but the ingredients list is 100% vegan.

I have seen both of these protein bars everywhere from Harmon’s to Vitamin Shoppe to random bodegas. As a vegetarian/vegan, it is very important to watch your protein intake, especially if you are working out. I know personally that I have a way harder time gaining muscle when I am skimping on my protein intake. With these 2 all natural options their has never been easier, healthier and tastier ways to get an extra 20 grams of protein in your day. Eating one of these after you work out is also ideal.

Here’s To Clean, Green, Lean Protein 😉

http://www.thinkproducts.com/thin-bars.php Think Thin

http://www.clifbar.com/food/products_builders/ Cliff Builder’s

Cliff's Builder's Bar Is A Healthy Way To Get Some More Protein In Your Diet.


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