Restaurant Review: Vegetarian’s Paradise 2.

2 Nov
VP2 - Vegetarian's Paradise 2

Vegetarian's Paradise 2 in NYC.

So I finally made it to Vegetarian’s Paradise 2 in NYC last weekend. My boyfriend had been raving about the food he had and also some ‘ Crispy Soul Chicken’ that apparently everyone ordered there when he was eating. Convinced that this fried chicken would be awesome we decided to take my niece along who’s favorite food happens to be…fried chicken.

The set up is super, super cute and cozy. It is the PERFECT place for some delicious, vegetarian comfort food. There were lots of people eating there and lots of people stopping by for take out. Since we had a long night the evening before I was more then ready to grub on something ‘comforting’. I noticed right away that the huge table across from us had ordered these ‘magical’ crispy soul fried chicken dishes. They looked amazing and I honestly did not even care to look at the menu after I saw those being served.

We started with some cold noodles with peanut sauce which is something I tend to try at almost every place that has it as an option. These ones were very good, the peanut sauce was very thick and peanut buttery a little too thick for my taste but this did not stop me from eating them. Which means they were really good. We also got some tater tots, I tried to play it off like my niece was wanting them but honestly, it was just the kid in me. I love tater tots and I never eat them. I do not have kids so I do not make them, nor do I go to many restaurants that have them so when I saw them here I had to do it. And I am so glad I did. They were great tater tots. You maybe thinking ‘there is such thing as bad tater tots?’ and the answer is yes. Some will fall apart, some will taste like other fried foods but not these. They tasted clean and crispy and tater totty. I bet anything in other reviews people shouted out the tater tots, they were just that good 😉

My boyfriend and I ordered the entree size order of the famous ‘Crispy Soul Chicken’ and we got our niece the appetizer portion. We also got fries because we knew that if she did not like the fried chicken at least she would eat the fries lol. Both portions were HUGE and all 3 of us could have eaten the appetizer size together and been fine. All good though we had company so the left overs seemed to disappear. The fried chicken was amazing, they use Planko Japanese bread crumbs and some rosemary in the batter. It is so crunchy and so moist, it is better then ‘real’ chicken. They serve these generous portions with some sweet and sour dipping sauce which goes perfectly. This is the closest thing I have had to fried chicken since I have become vegetarian. My niece ate 2 pieces and she ‘kind of’ liked it. She is like myself as a kid, super picky and not easily impressed with any food. She did however love the tater tots and the fries 😉

There are so many other things to eat at Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, the menu has a wide variety of entrees and appetizers. They also have smoothies and fresh squeezed juice. I opted for the fresh squeezed apple juice which was so good. It tasted like apple cider only more clear not as murky. My boyfriend had a mixed fruits drink which was also so good. It was very obvious that the fruits had just been juiced right before they were brought to our table. My apple juice was even separated it was so freshly pressed. Definitely worth the few extra bucks if you are a juice person.

If you are in the NYC area ever you have to check this place out. It is definitely a great vegetarian restaurant, it is definitely comfortable (it reminded me of a coffee shop in Amsterdam) and I definitely highly recommend it. We will be going there again so I will review whatever I chose to eat next time too.

Here Is To Vegetarian Comfort Food!!!

Vegetarian Paradise 2 on Urbanspoon

crispy soul chicken™


Vegetarian’s Paradise 2.

‘Food That Comforts The Soul’

144 West 4th Street New York New York 10012

212 260 7130/ 212 260 7141


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