November Is American National Diabetes Month.

1 Nov
The blue circle symbol used to represent diabetes.

The Blue Circle Symbol Used To Represent Diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease that seems to be just completely out of control in our society these days. Currently more then 20 MILLION Americans are diabetic, this is about 7% of our population. Everyone knows that leading an active lifestyle along with a vegetarian diet greatly reduces your risk of developing diabetes. If you do have diabetes, this clean lifestyle can help you manage your diabetes and even get you off of insulin in some cases. The number of American adults with type 2 diabetes is set to TRIPLE by 2050. This means one out of every THREE American adults will have type 2 diabetes. How awful. We all have the power to live a healthy, compassionate life without this disease.

Do Not Allow Yourself To Become A Statistic….Become A Fit Vegetarian Instead 😉 USA By 2050 Vegetarianism and Diabetes Controlling Diabetes With A Vegetarian Diet.

Cover of

A Book About Type 2 Diabetes.


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