A Vegan Milky Way?

26 Oct
Twilight candy bar

This Is The DELICIOUS Vegan Twilight Candy Bar. A Vegan Version Of A Milky Way.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford, NJ last weekend and on top of delicious cupcakes and cookies they also sold vegan candy bars. They had vegan versions of Milky Way, Snickers, Baby Ruth and something else I forget. I opted for the Twilight bar since I had not had a Milky Way in a LONG time and was curious to see how this was going to play out. These candy bars are dairy fee and vegan with no trans fat, no hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol and nothing artificial. I was pretty sure this would taste weird to say the least.

The Twilight bar felt heaver then a regular Milky Way but when you cut it in half it really looked like a regular Milky Way. The chocolate coating on this bar is made from rice milk which gives it a light, sweet taste. There was no weird after taste and the rice milk chocolate was very smooth. The caramel was almost dead on, not as stringy as the ‘real’ kind but very tasty and golden. The nougat was a little different since I think this is where they use egg whites in ‘real’ candy bars. The Twilight nougat was more firm then the Milky Way nougat but this was not a bad thing. It still tasted like chewy, sugary goodness.

Overall I was really impressed with this candy bar and I will eat another one the next time I see them. My boyfriend was super impressed with it, he liked it better then the real Milky Way (or so he claims lol).They are prcier then regular candy bars but this does not really matter to me since I do not eat them on a daily basis, nor would  want to.  I think that Go Max Go Foods has this vegan candy bar thing down to a science. If the Twilight Bar is any inclination as to how good their other candy bars are, then I am officially SOLD.  You can find these candy bars at Whole Foods and natural foods stores.

http://www.gomaxgofoods.com/ Company Web Site

http://www.naturalcandystore.com/category/natural-candy-bars Natural Candy Bars (not all will be vegan but a lot are)

vegan candy bars

Mahalo Bars Are Vegan Almond Joys, They Are In The Light Blue Wrapper. And The Buccaneer In The Brown Wrapper Is A Vegan Three Muskateers Bar.


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