(Kindly) Express Yourself.

11 Oct


This Is One Of The (Minus The) Leather Jackets Express Carries. This Is The One I Am Currently Crushing On Too!!!


The more I really get into cruelty free fashions, the more I love it. Never in my craziest dreams would I imagine buying a pair of cute faux-suede ankle boots for $14.99 (make that 2 pairs since they came in both black and gray), or some crazy faux-leather and stud strappy high heel sandals for $19.99. I have been so lucky to find such cute non-leather garments for pretty cheap and yet I do not find them to look super cheap. I know a lot of stores are late on this trend (Aldo your KILLING me), but I have seen LOTS of stores embracing this trend of no leather. At Express they did away with the leather a couple of years back and I honestly think this was the BEST business move they ever made. EVER.

Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way. Express was recently awarded ”The Progressive Style Award For The Most Compassionate Fall Clothing Line.’ PETA awarded Express this title due to their rejecting the usage of all things fur and leather. Express is a very popular chain, so by them alone cutting out the fur and leather they are saving a lot of lives and keeping the planet a little more green. I have been shopping at Express since 1998, religiously. Through the years, I have had many jobs so I have worn their clothes in different variations… from business to pleasure. Since my current situation is not business-like at all, I have been buying more of their casual attire such as leggings, t-shirts and their friggin’ awesome (Minus The) Leather Jackets. I bought my first one last fall and LOVE it, then I got lucky enough to find an XS in an even better cut in the middle of the summer. Which I obviously bought. I am currently eying this faux-suede sherling bomber-esque one, and it just may end up in my arsenal of animal friendly leather πŸ˜‰ I also saw a super cute faux leather bomber jacket at H&M. I really liked that one and regret not picking it up now that I think about it. Arden B. also had some cute ones the last time I checked, and believe it or not Conway also had some super cute faux-vests and jackets. Both Express and Conway had mens cruelty free options from shoes to jackets.

Once you find your perfect faux fur and leather then head over to Lulus.Com and check out their KILLER vegan shoe section. This section is constantly changing and really has the most diverse selection of vegan shoes, heels and boots I have ever seen. They have lots of good ratings on the net, so you know it is cool to do business with them. I am currently on the hunt for some faux-suede over the knee boots and when I finally find them you will all hear about it. The closest I came so far was actually at Charlotte Russe. The particular ones looked too cheap in my opinion but they had these other killer little, high heeled, faux-suede, ankle boots that were to die for. They were only like $40 and did not look cheap at all. Those $14.99 boots I bought… I found them at Conway and they do not look cheap. They look the same as the $50 ones I tried on at Famous Footwear but are way more comfortable.

As I get more and more into being animal friendly, I start to find myself in stores that I would not have shopped in before because you just never know what you are going to find. Conway, Rainbow, Charlotte Russe were all never really my thing until I saw the friendly options they offer. Like I always say, sure there are going to be things that look utterly cheap and ridiculous but for the most part that is not how it is. There are so many well crafted and nicely designed shoes and jackets out there that are well priced and cruelty free. Before I switched my fashion to vegan, I tended to always shop at the same stores. By choosing to not buy leather, I have opened my eyes and my closet to a whole new world of fashion and I am loving it. Starting this season I encourage you to do the same πŸ˜‰

Walk A Mile In Vegan Shoes.

http://www.peta.org/living/fashion/express-proggy-award.aspx Express (Minus The) Leather Fashions Award

http://www.lulus.com/categories/view-all/179_257/vegan-shoes.html Lulus Vegan Shoes

http://www.conwaystores.com/index.html Conway

http://www.charlotterusse.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=4238904 Charlotte Russe Shoes


Charlotte Russe headquarters in San Diego

Charlotte Russe Offers Some Cute Vegan Shoe Options.



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