Recipe Time: Cherry Tomato Pasta Toss.

8 Oct


Linguine (Pasta)

Linguine Is A Good Option For This Dish


I love pasta and would never give it up, ever. Not for anything to be quite honest. I think people who are on ‘No Carb Diets’ are utterly insane and I could not imagine life without pasta or bread. The thought actually terrifies me. I came across this recipe and had to try it stat. Pasta with fresh basil, garlic, cherry tomatoes and olive oil? Sounds perfect to me. So we attempted to make this on Sunday night and got all the way to draining the linguine and then of course I drop all the freshly cooked pasta into the dirty, nasty sink. I got upset , so we left it at that and attempted again on Monday night. This time I let HIM drain the pasta and the results were to die for. I mean this dish is truly simple and timeless. If I ate it at a restaurant I would go back and order it again. Thank goodness I finally got my hands on a recipe that shows me how they really do it back there in the kitchen. If you do not drop the pasta like I did, then you should be good to go in about a half hour with this dish. Serve with a salad and you have an easy, balanced, nutritious meal.

Cherry Tomato Pasta Toss (serves 4):


1 Box of dry pasta. Linguine or Fettuccine or Spaghetti would work best.

4 Tablespoons of Olive Oil.

4 Cloves of Garlic, thinly sliced.

1 Bag/Box of Cherry Tomatoes, halved.

5 Tablespoons of Fresh Chopped Basil

Shredded Parmesan Cheese (we did not even use this, if you leave this out your meal will be vegan)


Cook Pasta In Boiling Water Per Package Directions

While Pasta Is Cooking Heat Olive Oil In A Wide Skillet Over Medium Low Heat

Add Garlic and Stir Until Golden (About 4 Minutes)

Add Tomatoes, Increase Heat To Medium High And Simmer Until Tomatoes Are Softened and Juicy. (About 8 Minutes)

Drain Pasta and Stir In Skillet With Basil.

Season With Salt and Pepper To Taste.

Serve With Parmigiana Cheese.

This is very easy to make and so very delicious. I hope you enjoy it.


This Is Our Final Product 😉



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