Your Fur Babies Will Love These Vegan Dog Treats.

6 Oct


The Blue Buffalo Company

Blue Has A Couple Of Options For Vegan Dog Treats With Their Baked Health Bars.


Being the owner of 3 dogs has its highs (they are all soooo cute) and lows (OMG why will they not stop barking). It also has a serious negative environmental impact. Think about it, dogs are carnivores. They eat meat so therefore the whole slaughter process is once again brought to the light. Many people will argue that ‘Dogs are wild and need to eat meat’ which is all fine and dandy except the common, domesticated house dog was wild A LONG TIME AGO and honestly some of these ‘fancy mutt’ breeds did not even exist when dogs were ‘wild’. So like anything else, I feel dogs have adapted and could thrive and survive on a vegetarian diet. I know most vegans who are pet owners also have vegan pets, and their pets are just fine.

I tried to switch my 3 monsters to vegetarian food, but to put it bluntly…it just made them poop too much. You have to feed your dog a bigger serving of the food and with such small dogs this just turned into a poop fest. I could not handle it, picking up runny bowl movements of 3 dogs, 3x a day was just too much. So back on to their ‘Blue Buffalo’ they went. I REALLY wish Blue would make a vegetarian formula. I literally cringe feeding them since I know chickens died to make their ‘All natural, holistic food’. At this point, it is where I am at. In December, at the vet, I will ask him about alternative diets for small dogs and hopefully we will make progress.

So since I FAILED at making them vegetarians, I decided that I will instead start small. I ’86’ed’ all the meat and poultry from their snacks. At first this was tough because so many companies insist on using nasty meat and by product in dog treats. I know its because it is cheap, but geez people… please do not feed your dogs that garbage. So instead, I started reading ingredients like crazy and make some really, really cool discoveries. From vegetarian bones to vegetarian crunchy treats, there is a little something for everyone. The most recent bag I picked up is by Old Mother Hubbard and they are little crunch bone treats called ‘Just Vegg’n’. They are all natural and made from parsley, flax, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, apples and a few other tasty ingredients. Blue Buffalo also makes 2 kinds of ‘Health Bars’ that are vegetarian. We are currently chomping on the ‘Bananas and Yogurt’ here at Chihuahua central. Another great little snack I found is simply called ‘Sweet Potato’ by Beefeaters. They are literally hardened sweet potato fries, and are so cute. They take a little work to chew, but are not as serious as a rawhide. I am sure if you have a big dog they will just swallow them whole since they are not that big. My little monsters LOVE these, and with only 4 ingredients they are not chock full o’ nasty.

These are all really good, healthy, meat free treats for your dog. Even doing something as small as changing your dogs treats to vegetarian items will save the lives of many farm animals. I have found all of these treats at Petsmart and I honestly see more and more vegetarian friendly dog treats popping up every time I shop. Being a vegetarian is not just about what YOU eat, but also about what you DO and how you ACT. To me being vegetarian is a big responsibility. There are so many things to watch for and at times there is guilt when you cannot make a true vegetarian decision. By taking a small step like choosing vegan treats for your dog, you are truly making a difference in the bigger picture.

Lets Try To Stop Killing One To Feed Another. Old Mother Hubbard Just Vegg’n Treats The Sweet Potato Fries Treats Are The Last On The Page The Pumpkin And Cinnamon and The Bananas And Yogurt Are Both Vegetarian


These Are The Newest Vegan Dog Treats I Came Across. Old Mother Hubbard's JUst Vegg'n.




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