Marcal: Green Since 1950.

25 Sep
Marcal Factory

Marcal Small Steps Recycled Bath Tissue. Paper From Paper Since 1950.

1950 was a long time ago.  It was way before ‘Global Warming’ talks and this ‘Go Green’ trend/movement. This is why I felt like I should do a little entry on this small company called Marcal. I do think that ‘Going Green’ is the right thing to do, I also think that most things about ‘Going Green’ these days are simply common sense. Turn off lights when you leave the room. Turn off the water when you are not using it. Use energy saving light bulbs. And to me, I always thought recycled paper products fit in that puzzle. Why kill trees when you can make paper from paper? This is almost the exact motto of Marcal. ‘Paper from paper, not from trees.’

Some people are super picky as to what they use to wipe their butts with and clean up spills with. I am not one of those people. I could care less and I would actually prefer to not kill trees just to clean up my messes. Even before green was good, I  chose Marcal’s products. They are well priced and they do the job.  Since 1950 this small company based in New Jersey has made all of their paper products from other recycled paper products, thus saving BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of trees. I believe they said something like ‘if everyone in the country  just used one roll of recycled toilet paper (in place of their usual) per week, we would save a million trees each week’. That is a lot of trees. Trees are essentially the Earth’s lungs. They allow us to breath. Without trees, us and a lot of the plants living creatures are dead. It is the little things that we do on a daily basis that add up for the worse.  So therefore it is the little things that we change on a daily basis that add up for the good. Not to mention their toilet paper comes in individual , are covered in recycled paper that is recyclable well… as is the tubing. All good.

I know this may not seem vegetarian related really, but it is. If you are doing something so super Earth friendly, likw being a vegetarian, then making little changes like this should be simple. I know that this is also something people simply overlook. With everything else going on, we just go shopping and throw what we can (and what is on sale) in the cart. I know this, but once you take the extra minute one time to check if your paper products are recycled you will not have to do it again (unless that particular product sucks, but I have to admit that has only happened to us once). We survived and went back to our usual…Marcal.

Get Recycled. Marcal Website.

Marcal Paper Products Sign

Marcal Factory Elmwood Park NJ


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