Meet Your New Burgers.

24 Sep
2008-02-18 - Boca Burgers - 0012

Boca Burger Original Burgers. A Great Substitute For 'Real' Burgers.

Burgers. Such a staple in the average American diet and usually so bad for you. Everywhere I turn I see some type of burger joint, from ridiculous lines at the new Sonic Burgers they opened here in Jerz, to the Checkers and Five Guys. Hamburgers are here to stay. Even though I was never a huge ‘meater’ I did enjoy hamburgers from time to time, especially on the grill. When I first became vegetarian, I remember calling my sister Mary (actually now that I think of it I called Ang too) and asking her what a ‘veggie burger’ tasted like and what brand they recommended. They said simply ‘It tastes like a hamburger’ and to get either Boca Burgers or Morning Star Farms. So with my ‘non vegetarian’ boyfriend at the time (he is one now), we tried the veggie burgers and we liked them to our surprise. We have since ‘moved on’ to the Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger. Which I think is one of the best inventions EVER 😉

Many people who are switching to a vegetarian diet should  just opt for the basic Morning Star Farms Grillers Burger. This burger tastes just like a hamburger. For real. I know anyone could slide one of them in a bun, add the toppings and serve it to a carnivore like it ain’t no thang. It comes shaped like a frozen ‘beef’ patty and cooks up just like a normal hamburger. They have a nice texture and a very, very good flavor. As far as easy to find veggie burgers go, these are my top choice. You will also find Boca Burgers almost everywhere these days. I know lots of people who prefer Boca to Morning Star, but it is all a matter of preference. Boca burgers cook up the same way and also have a really great taste to them. Both products are made with soy and other vegetables, and are high in protein and low in saturated fat. They are filling, but do not leave you feeling like there is something just sitting in your stomach like a real burger can do. You can cook them in a pan or grill them on the grill. Treat them like a normal burger. Veggie burgers are a really great transition food and one that many people will need in order to successfully complete the transition from carnie to veggie.

Now my personal favorite is the Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger. OBSESSED. We eat them like two times a week. They are amazing. This ‘burger’ is not really a ‘burger’ per say, shaped like one yes, but does not taste like one. It is a soy burger with black beans and corn with a delicious spice to it. So good. Lots of protein, about 11 grams, a nice chunk of fiber and low in saturated fat. We eat them on a Deli Flat (only 100 Calories) with an organic ketchup/Seracha mix. They seem like they would be really good on a salad or even crumbled in a dip. All I know is that my BFF, who is also vegetarian, is obsessed too and I think she may actually eat them more then we do. Unless you have a child that likes things a little spicy, this is probably more an ‘adult’ burger. Kids will prefer the Boca or Grillers burgers to this. I like to pair this burger with a side that is sweet for a nice contrast. Sweet potatoes work well. Just microwave them until they are soft and mash them up with some agave nectar or honey and cinnamon for a tasty side 😉

There are many other flavors of veggie burgers you will come across. I know that Morning Star Farms makes a Tomato and Basil Veggie Pizza Burger and also an Asian Veggie Patty. I am sure there are a plethora of others that I have never even seen and I am sure most of them are pretty darn good. F.Y.I. Burger King has a veggie burger option on their menu now. This maybe old news, but I do not frequent the joint so I just found out a few months ago. It is a Morning Star Farms veggie burger that they offer. This is an easy transition to make and I encourage you to try one of these products. I guarantee you will find something that you like.

Save Your Body. Save A Life. Eat A Veggie Burger. Morning Star Farms Boca Burgers

Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger. DELICIOUS!!!


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