So How Much Exercise Do we REALLY Need?

13 Sep

Fix It With A Daily Dose Of Exercise.

We all know that we need to exercise, but weather we do or not is a whole other subject. In today’s wonderful society of prescription medications, it seems to me that doctors will give a patient a prescription for anything… even if this ‘aliment’ can be cured by a little thing called EXERCISE. One pill leads to another which has vicious side effects, therefore you have to take another just to cure the side effects and this goes on and on. It just makes me ill to think how much poison people pump into their bodies via doctor recommendation. This is something I guess I should get used to since doctors literally get paid to put people on meds, but its something that to me is just plain WRONG. The worst part is MOST of the things people are put on medication for like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, back problems, heart problems, prostate problems can all be taken care of with proper exercise and diet. Unfortunately, most people live such sedentary lives and have such bad eating habits that sometimes its too late, and medication is the only way to prolong ones life. I praise and admire those doctors that tell their patients like it is, a life of medicine and pain, or a simple gym membership or even just a pair of walking shoes to help change your course. All of the medical evidence complied about the benefits of exercise are too great to ignore, so let me give a brief run down of how much exercise we all really need.

I will start with the kids. These poor kids today. I really have a problem when I look at the school playground and see a sea of obese children. Ugh. That’s really depressing to me because when I was a kid (in the 80’s and 90’s) we had like 3 fat kids in the whole school. That was it. Kids were thin, they had energy, and they loved to be outside running around. Honestly, our parents did not play around about us being active. It was unacceptable for us to spend the day in front of the t.v. and it was unacceptable for us to pile junk into our mouths. This was how it was for all the families in my neighborhood. We all used to sneak junk food together after school since we knew once we got home we were going to be eating whatever healthy things our parents made us eat. I don’t know what has changed, maybe I can chalk it up to video games (but we had them too so???) or the computer (I know this is a killer), or all the crap they put into the easy, convenient, processed food that most children today are eating. All I know is that this has to change. Child obesity is through the roof and it does not take a genius to see this. For the first time ever the life expectancy of a child born today is lower then someone of their parents age. Obesity is killing our kids and its time to STOP IT.

Here are the guidelines for children ages 6-17:

-Children should be running or walking briskly for at least an hour a day. Playing sports that require lots of running and/or sprinting will take care of this hour a day. Think soccer, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, field hockey, track, cross country. You get the idea.

-3 days a week children should work on their muscle strength. This means little things like push ups and sit ups, gymnastics classes, swimming or dance. Climbing trees or playing on jungle gyms get this done also.

-For healthy bones kids should jump rope or run 3 days a week. This works into the hour a day they need.

Now onto the adults. This is a scary age bracket since it encompasses a big age span. There should be no weight issues with young adults of 18, but once again this is another ‘new’ thing that I notice. The fattening up of the ‘hot’ generation. HELLO PEOPLE YOUR ALL SUPPOSED TO BE “HOT” FROM 18-40!!! NO EXCUSES. These are supposed to be the PRIME years of ones life, and I am completely flabbergasted as to how young adults all got this ‘spare tire’ look going on!?!? Everywhere I turn I see overweight young adults. Young adults who have yet to experience the body changing event known as childbirth. Young adults that should have not even had enough time to amass a spare tire, yet they have. It’s scary because we all know that one of the things NOT on our side as we age is metabolism. To throw away the best years of your life due to negligence and laziness is just sad to me. This generation really needs to wake up, because when at 30 I have a better body then 18 year olds…there is a problem. This generation is going to be an expensive generation to insure as they age and one with a rampant amount of cancer and other diseases if we do not wake up.

Here are the guidelines for adults ages 18-64:

-Adults need AT LEAST 150 minutes of brisk exercise every week. This means jogging, running, brisk walking inside at the gym or around your neighborhood. No gym membership needed to do the proper amount of cardio.

-A minimum of lifting weights 2 days a week is a must. Be sure to work out all body parts (arms, shoulders, legs, back, chest, abs) both days you lift. Once again, you do NOT need a gym membership to do this. You can get 5lb weights for super cheap at places like ‘5 Below’ or ‘Target’. If you are new to lifting, a pair of 5 or 10lb dumbbells is all you will need to start with.

-An aerobics class can also be used to replace the daily walking or running you do. Just be sure that the class of your choice is high intensity. Spinning, cardio boot camp, or kick boxing are all great options.

The older generation is completely split. You have the people who have abused their bodies forever and are now pumped full of pills, and then you have those who still look 40. The latter are the people that I look up to ๐Ÿ˜‰ The later years in life are no time to slack on your fitness. This is the time to keep your bones and muscles strong and to keep your heart pumping strong. With the average life expectancy increasing every year, we should all aim to be fit and healthy at 70.

Here are the guidelines for adults 65 and above:

-150 minutes of “vigorous” cardio activities every week. This can mean water aerobics, an exercise class, or just a brisk daily walk around your local park.

-Older adults are also recommended to weight train at least 2 days a week using every body part.

-Resistance bands are a great idea for older adults since they require less stability to use. You can use resistance bands anywhere, no need for a gym membership.

This is just a general guideline and is the LEAST amount of exercise you and your children should be getting. Do not set your child up for a lifetime of health problems by letting their weight get out of control when they are young. Exercise with your kids. Find something you all like to do, and do it! Set a good example for your children by working out and eating healthy ๐Ÿ˜‰ As an adult, you have the choice weather to take the proper steps to correct your unhealthy lifestyle. This is not as hard as it seems and the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices & time commitment. Now is the time to better your life, have more energy, wear the type of clothes you always wanted to, have better skin, better hair and a better body!

Exercise is the closes thing we have to “The Fountain Of Youth”… so make it work for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ A nice article on exercise. The benefits of daily exercise.

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Why Rely On Scary Drugs With Massive Side Effects When You Can Just Exercise?


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